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        July 2018

Creating the Life You Want to Live
Part One: Ownership as the missing link to creating our desires.

What happens when your manifestation work isn’t working? Feelings of frustration often occur.

You followed all the advice, all the steps, held positive thoughts, and did all the inner-work – but that end goal remains out of reach. Feelings like hopelessness, being stuck, and yes, being frustrated begin to surface. You may even look for places to lay blame, whether it be God, others, or yourself.

What can you do differently?

It’s important to step outside of blame or victim mentalities and embrace ownership. When you blame life, God, or others you are in victim posture, which digs a big hole that prevents forward movement. An important aspect of creating and manifesting the future you desire and deserve is through owning all aspects of your life – past and present.

No one has control over anyone else – how they react, think, and behave are their decisions. However, you do have that same control over yourself, when you choose to accept the responsibility. When you understand and claim ownership of your experiences, choices, or even lack of them, you naturally improve. As you grow through ownership, you expand the core of who you are and allow your fullest potential to blossom.

It’s okay if it feels uncomfortable to step into ownership of your life. Letting go of old habits like blaming and avoiding can be difficult as they feel familiar and take time to unravel. When you are able to stand tall and move into ownership, great self-power reveals itself. This type of empowerment not only comes from within you, but it is supported by the Universe.

When you create your life from your source of empowerment – forward movement unfolds with fewer obstacles. This outcome is so different from experiencing the same negative feelings over and over, which occurs when you create from a place of blame, feeling victimized, or being frustrated.

An important element of ownership is to learn from the past and then leave it behind. It is a waste of your precious energy to review old instances because they are over and you can’t change them. Wallowing in the past, especially old decisions also sets your creative energies in the wrong direction.

However, there is a discernable difference between wallowing in the past and using it as a tool for personal growth. Your past is the key to lessons and a better understanding of how you want your life to become. For instance, a poor decision made once can be a lesson you need to experience growth and personal understanding. If you miss the lesson and don’t accept ownership of your decision – you likely will find that the lesson will continue to appear until you fully embrace it. If you learn the lesson the first time and claim ownership for your decision while changing your related belief or behavior, you’ll experience a different outcome.

Wherever you are in your life right now, it is a result of decisions and choices that you made up to this moment. The past can’t be changed, but you can change your future by moving into full ownership of all your choices, decisions, and experiences. This is your pathway to evolution and change.

If you want to move freely into the future and be able to create the life you desire - accept that the past (which includes a few minutes ago) is over. The only place the past can still be active is in your own mind, emotions, or cells of your body. Your spin on it only exists with you!

Take the time to work through what your emotional or belief spin is in a quiet, reflective state. Write down all that you discover and take time to release each of your past beliefs and emotions one at a time, while replacing each of them with something empowering. This exercise will help you feel lighter and more balanced. This process also allows the real you to surface and your new dynamic life to unfold!

In next month’s posting, I will share ideas for creating your new life after you have taken ownership of your past and present.

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