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Healing Path's Services

Healing Path provides holistic services focused on the mental, emotional, spiritual connections to the body. We are not licensed medical professionals or licensed psychologists, nor do we imply so. We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure, heal or provide medical or psychological services in any form.

Healing Path offers a wide variety of individual and group services.
Contact Alice to learn how she can help you transform your life.
Sessions take place over the phone or via Skype.

Alice’s client’s share dramatic improvements with health issues such as lymphoma, IBS, back pain, stress, migraines when they choose to participate in spiritual meditation and hypnosis. She also has assisted clients to connect with angels, past lives and animal totems, as well as providing spiritual coaching and Feng Shui advice. If you feel stuck, sick of feeling sick, want guidance or just need a little inspiration - Alice can help you!

Sessions provide assistance in:
transforming unwanted issues
release cellular density
conceiving a child
selling a home
improving your meditations
achieving positive relationships
connecting with past lives
changing unwanted life dynamics
achieving a better career
aligning with your soul's purpose
developing spiritually and intuitively
utilizing your own creative power
experiencing other realms
connecting with your angels and guides
accepting major life changes
establishing a healthy relationship between yourself and God
creating your heart's desire - the life you want to live
growing in your own self-mastery
understanding and forming a connection with nature
opening, balancing, & reshaping your energy format, including chakra work
releasing cellular memories from this lifetime, family tree/DNA, & past lives
understanding universal energy dynamics & operating effectively with them
distance animal healing

Seniors Practice
Alice specializes in helping senior citizens accept and adjust to major life changes, as well as make difficult life decisions.

Mastery Services
Develop and utilize your unique spiritual gifts through a series of special sessions with Alice focusing on your spiritual growth.

Individual Retreats
Intensive spiritual and personal growth work customized and focused entirely on you. Expand your horizons!

Relationship Coaching
Combining coaching, spiritual advice, and energy transformation techniques, Ms. McCall guides you in uncovering root causes of the disturbances
within your relationship. For those who desire to work as a couple, there may also be a need for individual sessions for both parties.

Path Guidance 
Are you looking for guidance? Feeling lost and unsure about the path you are on? If you desire guidance from a higher source, then Alice’s channeling meditation might be right for you. After filling out a brief questionnaire specifying the areas in which you would like guidance, Alice does a channeling meditation for you in her sacred space. Afterwards, via phone, Alice will share the received information and answer any questions. This service also includes a typed summary of the channeling meditation.

Alice is also available to officiate your wedding or commitment ceremony - and speak at your convention, church, or club.

Group Workshops, Retreats, & Seminars
Alice offers a variety of workshops, retreats and seminars on a wide range of topics.  These events can be customized for a private group. then presented at Alice's office, via teleconference, or at your location.  View the "Upcoming Events" page to see what is currently scheduled.

Recorded Events Available by Request

Contact Alice if you have any questions. She would love to hear from you!

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