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       September 2020

Inner Work – Is It Ever Over?

Inner work is a personal journey. It is an ongoing process of discovering and transforming what is inside of you - cellularly, subconsciously, and unconsciously which may be holding you back or bringing you into “dis-ease” with yourself. At this time of rapid evolution, we don’t want anything to block our forward progression.

Many who have never experienced working on the inside of themselves are afraid of it and what they may find. It’s okay to have those feelings, but there is nothing to fear. Inner work will always make you feel better. For those who are more seasoned with their inner work, there is a different common concern – will it ever end? Will there ever be a time when nothing new rises up to be addressed?

It is a natural reaction. We often begin tasks with an eye towards the end goal. Why is inner work different? The path of Self Mastery is not about an end goal as it is a process for living. That process is to address your negative beliefs and emotions – your human density, so you can move into your authentic, balanced ‘higher vibrational self’. This important work prevents your anger, loneliness, judgement, and self-criticism from building-up inside of you. If left unchecked, it can be a detriment to your health and wellbeing. When you make the committed effort to live with mastering your negative aspects, the upside is internal peace and balance, despite the world we live in. This is also our pathway for Spiritual Ascension.

There are clearly so many benefits – but will it ever end? Probably not. However, your inner work will evolve. It will become less intense, less emotional, less frequent, and more focused on smaller nuances instead of big issues. Our life here on earth is a training ground, a boot camp, a university - we are here to learn and grow. There will always be something new to learn, adopt, and integrate. In order to do that, there will always be something to transform (inner work) to make room for the new to occur.

It’s easy to want a certain kind of life, but it cannot unfold without you making adjustments to the vibration of the inside of you. Inner work ensures that all parts of you are at the right vibrational frequency. How can you bring in divine light if you are still full of negativity? How can you manifest abundance when you feel unworthy? Regular inner work balances and maintains our frequency, so we can become our desires!

It is helpful to think of inner work more as an evolution than something with an end point.

As you discover old beliefs, habits, and experiences – and do the inner work to successfully transmute them - all parts of you feel better. You’ll have a better understanding of how focusing on transmuting and processing a negative pattern was worth it. It will feel great to have that section of inner work completed and to experience the positives that are the inverse of the transformed negative.

What happens if it shows up later? Maybe a year or two later, the same negative pattern emerges. It’s natural to feel frustrated – “I thought I worked on that! Was my work not good enough? Did I fail?” Maybe doubts creep in about your inner work process or about yourself in general.

Know that everything can still move forward. This is why inner work is a continual process. If you have an old negative pattern, emotion, or belief re-emerging consider the possibilities below for the next stage of your inner work:

1. Is the energy different than what you cleared before? For example, if your feelings of ‘less than’ previously were linked to shame while in middle school, shame was a cause of ‘less than’. This time, the feeling is related to being ignored and overlooked by your family. This is an important new discovery to work with and clear. Sometimes there are many legs to a habit belief, and it takes time to understand and clear them all. You did good work the first time, and you will do good work this time. And you don’t want any of it operating inside of you!

2. Have you mastered it completely? Doing your inner work is the important and powerful start of your transformation. However, you still need to integrate and accept the ongoing mastery in your everyday life. It could be showing up to give you the opportunity to see whether you have mastered it. Be emotionally honest about how much its reappearance affects you – a lot, a little, or perhaps not at all. Our journey is about full mastery of self, it isn’t a journey of half measures.

3. Are you getting confirmation that this issue is no longer part of you? What we work on usually continues to show up to give us a chance to master it in the moment as it unfolds. As we move through a few cycles of this type of real-time inner work, you will reach a point of powerful recognition. This time, the situation didn’t have a negative impact or an automatic emotional response! This highlights the progress on your growth path. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment. But be ready, your Higher Self will likely begin to guide you to work on something else very soon.

4. Are you being called to transform it, but this time for the collective consciousness? Once we have worked through one of our old belief pathways and time goes by, we forget just how intense those associated negative feelings are. It is really a surprise to have it back. For those who have done a good amount of inner work, this can often reappear for a different reason. You will know this is true if you are able to shift/transmute it quickly. Remember you are already familiar with it, so it is not showing up for you to understand it. After brief work it leaves amazingly fast. This means you have been tapped on the shoulder to do this transformation work now, to help the collective consciousness. You are not re-experiencing it for personal reasons, but to anchor larger scale work for the transformation of humanity.

There are many issues and layers involved in the shedding of our human persona, beliefs, habits, emotions, and fears. For me it is no longer ‘work’. Changing the inside of me has helped me to naturally transform breast cancer, shift feeling trapped and alone, manifest many amazing experiences, and eliminate so many fears. But importantly, I have developed a real intimacy and friendship with all parts of me – my body, soul, mind, emotions, and higher self. It has become a profound and needed refuge, as well as a source of guidance during turbulent times.

I invite you to more fully embrace your practice of becoming intimate with the inside of you. It truly is your ultimate solace. I thought I would never say this, but I am now glad that my inner work never ends.

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