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        September 2019

Your Personalized Balance Point

We are continually called to bring ourselves into a permanent, personalized balance point. It is the point that keeps us uplifted, despite all that goes on in our life and the world around us.

We experience conflict and violence in our streets, imbalances in the weather, war threats, continual pollution of our air and water, and it continues and continues. This is a mirror for us.

This imbalance is a reflection of the imbalance in the collective consciousness of humanity. We are the creators. We create the world stage collectively, just as individually we create our personal world. What we see in our world is a mirror of the imbalance of those living here - the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly.

The more individuals focus on improving themselves and positivity for the world, the more the earth will gradually shift to another consciousness – a more balanced consciousness. It happens person by person.

What we do for ourselves, we also do for the world. If we fall out of balance, especially experiencing emotional or fear imbalances, it is detrimental to ourselves and the collective consciousness.

Your ability to stay balanced is important for your continual growth. Accept the call to establish a new balance point, one that supports you in maintaining your ‘center’. This point will ground you as you move forward into chaos, change, and upheaval that are symptoms of collective shifts for the planet. Know that more and more people are joining the group of awakened and ascending beings - remembering who they are and focusing on shifting their fears into love and trust.

The Universe is aware of what is occurring and if we approach this time with high intent, it will plant the seeds of the coming golden age. Intent always matters on our planet of free will. However, our world is made up of many who have varying intentions. Due to this, we are being asked to be the change - to focus on our intent, our balance, and the power of our creations. Through intention, thoughts, and deeds we will create a positive world that thrives on kindness, love, fairness, and joy.

If we become fixated on conflict, anger, sadness, or disappointment - our aura can be damaged. This creates space for negative energies and can lead to the outward spilling of negative energy onto others.

All energies are being amplified now, positive or negative. If someone is holding a lot of hatred, it will be amplified. If someone is holding a lot of joy, it will be amplified.

The solution is to be intentional with what we hold onto emotionally and mentally. What we hold closest to us is what is absorbed and amplified through us. Use this knowledge to your benefit and focus on the positive for ourselves and the world. If negativity seeps in, be conscious of it, calm yourself, and make the choice to return to the positive.

Choose this new way of being. It’s beneficial for you and our beloved earth. Thank you for creating and maintaining your personal balance point.

Helpful affirmations for your evolution towards living with balance:

• I am a calmer, balanced, motived me.
• I continue to focus my intentions on that which is positive for humanity - our way of life and our support structures.
• My balance point is perfect for keeping me centered and balanced now and in the months ahead.
• I am a calmer, balanced, motivated me.

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