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        September 2018

The Evolution of You!

You are a Divine Spiritual being. You are on your ascended path, and even if you feel like you’ve taken a few steps backward or that you are no longer moving forward – these are still your truths.

Plateaus are part of growth and evolution. But understand that you have options beyond waiting for something to happen or trusting your positive thoughts and prayers to propel the situation.

As we continue to move along our spiritual path, we discover how there’s always more to learn and embody. Some pieces of wisdom are large, while others present as fine-tuning of old concepts.

One important component to moving forward is to not wait for something to happen. Instead, allow yourself to become the transcendence and bliss of your heart’s desire.

Allow yourself to be your bliss every day as you experience life, moment to moment. Ease into the energy of it. Consider consciously practicing it daily if possible. Eventually, you will naturally express this energy without having to consciously practice it. One day, you realize that you have become what you had wanted. That it has become a natural fabric of who you are. When you continually express this bliss you will more readily be able to attract your goals to you as you are creating a world that reflects your transcended heart.

What does this look like on a foundational level? If you are seeking peace, it is best to begin practicing peacefulness within yourself. That practice will help you attain peaceful feelings, and with regular practice you are nurturing your ability to remain peaceful even when you are not consciously focused on it. The more you nurture your peaceful nature, the more your ability to live with a peaceful center and have a peaceful life comes into focus. As you seek peace by expressing peace you are your wonderful, divine creation.

It also can be applied to tangible goals like having a loving, committed relationship. First, pause and reflect on how you would feel while in a loving relationship? Those feelings are specific to you and your goals in a relationship. Feelings of acceptance, understanding, and love are great examples to build the healthy relationship you desire. Once you know those feelings, begin practicing being this way towards yourself. Consciously make choices that are in line with those feelings. It could be being kinder and less critical of self, more accepting of perceived flaws, taking time to process emotions, or even creating more time doing special ‘dates’ whether it be a walk in the park or special dinner. While you are making these choices focus on expressing love towards self. Over time, these conscious choices become part of who you are. They become easy and automatic. You naturally express love of self, moving you closer to continually attracting loving situations and people into your life.

Although goals can be beneficial and fulfilling, the fine-tuning of our attraction work is helpful as we work towards becoming our divinity – who you authentically are – pure love. Spiritually, we are called to apply the love and awareness to every moment. When you do, your life then becomes saturated with your divine presence.

There are many stages and levels of expanded consciousness. There is never an endpoint as it is a continual journey.

It is easy to think, “I have done some great inner work. I feel great. I have arrived! It feels so good!” Often society awards us when we achieve the goal, reach the end, or become the best. This feels good, and we think “I have arrived!”

When it comes to spirituality and spiritual growth, there is never an endpoint. If you are you waiting to reach the end – “I have arrived” - please know there is no end. We are on a journey. How we experience our journey is more important than how quickly we progress or how many goalposts we pass. How we choose to be each day is the most important aspect of your journey. It is more important than what we accomplish or achieve.

When you chose to live a life imbued with the love of your own divine self – that who you really are – you begin to express your divine self every day. When you make this the focus of your creation -being your divine self - regardless of what you are doing in each moment, you are the creator

You are being graced by consciously bringing your Divinity here – becoming heaven on earth. You are graced by consciously knowing you are more and life is more than the ‘human spin’ on things. You have the opportunity to live this way and be this way - gracing your Divinity on yourself, others, and the earth.

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