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        October 2018

Who Do You Listen To?

The belief that listening to your own inner voice is preferable to that of listening to others is common among those seeking spiritual growth. The reasoning is that your own voice provides truths and guidance tailored for you and your life, instead of general guidance from other’s limited perspective.

What isn’t often addressed is how we are each made up of many voices - many aspects and consciousness within our self, all of which actively participate in our way of thinking and being. So which inner self-voice should we listen to and follow?

Is the voice that motivates you, the one you follow, based on fear? For most all of us, the fearful voice is the one we follow as it gets our attention and encourages immediate action. Fear certainly can motivate. It can move us quickly, yet it takes us down a path which is not best for us – reinforcing what we fear instead of what we want. Simply, your fear voice is not your true inner voice.

All fear is manmade - it isn’t true or real. Fear is created by your human mind and emotions. The opposite of fear, which creates your true voice, is the energy of love. Love is related to compassion, allowing, kindness, patience, trust, acceptance, new perspectives, empowerment, being true to yourself, and self-worthiness –all positives that we want to embrace. Further, love is from the Source - Creator God.

Since you created your fear-based beliefs, ideas, or motivations - you have ability to un-create them. They are not truths but are manifestations of your own fears.

Fears can be overwhelming, controlling, and sometimes crippling – but you have the power to stop listening to the fear-based chatter within you.

Choose to listen to your heartfelt wisdom from your spiritually wise self. Within that heartfelt wisdom, fear does not exist. Be proactive and source your truth and guidance from your heart. Sourcing your true voice within your heart each day is key. It will carry you successfully through life. Seek the wisdom of your heart and soul for guidance often.

As you listen to your true inner voice, take the time to discern what you absorb from the world around you. Much of our world is built around fear or anger - but you are in control if you choose to be. You can choose to not listen to movies, channels, or shows that trigger fear or anger within you. You can choose to not hang out with people who are communicating fear or negativity all of the time. You can choose to take a pause each day to silence your active fear-based self, allowing peace and joy to enter you.

In our world, it is important to use your intuitive heart-felt wisdom to filter what you receive each day. This is discernment. Don't interpret from your human mind, rather, let your true voice chime in for guidance.

Listen to your inner spiritual voice - your voice that is real and true. That voice can be sourced by centering yourself through a heart meditation. If you feel your inner chatter/voice is angry or fearful - know this is not your true voice. Work to clear that voice and focus on something positive. And importantly, do not allow this angry or fearful inner-voice guide or influence you. You are in control if you choose to be.

Affirmations to better hear your true inner-voice:
• I listen to my authentic voice for my highest and best direction.
• I master not using or hearing my fear voice for my highest & best good.
• I use my wise, true self for discernment about what I receive from sources outside of me.
• My discernment decides what to listen to and what not to listen to.
• I never choose to listen to fear-based or angry communications from any source.

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