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        November 2019

Allow Your Body & Brain to Integrate Your Spiritual Transformations

Note: When I refer to brain in this article, I am referring to the physical matter of cells, blood vessels, and nerves - as well as the mental functions such as thoughts and memories.

Our spiritual journey takes us to many places within ourselves and experiences outside of ourselves. All teach us to remove our limiting beliefs, so we can exist in our body in this lifetime with an evolved level of consciousness and physical health.

You are transcending the 3rd dimension that we live in every day, and are gaining an understanding and operating within 5th dimensional consciousness. As this journey evolves, it is important to remember that your body and brain are still used to being in the third dimension. So your operating system – your body and brain – need to go through an upgrade. Your brain – which is a physical organ inside your body –and your body are in the process of upgrading. Simply, your body and brain are busy ‘catching up’ to the higher dimensional frequencies that you are now living in spiritually. Your spiritual frequency provides a platform for your body and brain to move towards, and they do this at their own pace.

It is important to know that during any transformation, the physical always lags the energetic. This is true of cellular healing of a specific illness, as well as the full body upgrade we are currently experiencing. The body/brain needs some time to catch up to the ‘energetic’ changes, which are a result of your spiritual evolution. Time is required to fully integrate all changes into your physical form. That is why patience, faith, self-kindness, and trust are key to embody for an easier transition - whether it be small or large, specific or widespread. That is also why extra rest for your body is important, and your physical self may communicate this by feeling more tired than usual.

When your body calls out to you with exhaustion or new aches and pains, often nothing is required but rest and trusting yourself. Soul exhaustion may be present, and it feels like adrenal exhaustion. It’s a symptom of being a positive beacon for years or even lifetimes, and the transition to supporting new energies. A dip in your motivation could signal a need to take a step back, let go, play, and take a respite. Give yourself permission to stretch out and do nothing. Let go of mental chatter and let peace and rest dominate.

Your brain and body can be holding you back from being 100% in the higher dimensions with full health. Why? Your brain refuses to believe that such a thing is possible. Your brain is holding on for dear life to the third dimension. It doesn’t matter how long you have been on your spiritual journey, it’s a plateau you must address. Your brain does this because for its whole “life” this is all it has known. It is fearful of the change. Addressing those fears facilitates the ability of your physical self to move into the 5th dimension – so the entirety of you can operate from this special place.

A useful strategy to help your brain transition (which informs your entire body to start transforming) is to create a dialog with your brain. Train it to understand the possibilities and how embodying and embracing them is for the benefit of your evolved self. This line of communication helps you address areas that feel stuck, old patterns, and encourages it to move past old ways.

This moment of transitioning to the higher dimensions while within the human body is a new one. We are, and others like us are, pioneers of this spiritual evolutionary process. This has never been accomplished before in mass. Yes, there have been a few Ascended Masters, but not a huge group which continues to grow.

The more you process and assimilate higher frequencies into your brain and body, the more you will be in tune with these frequencies and be able to live your life from this perspective. No one can do this for you, but you.

Slow down. Allow your spiritual growth and these frequencies to pull your brain and body forward. Support this transition with kindness and lots of rest. And trust that all is well, as it is.

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