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         May 2008

What is my life’s purpose?

What is my purpose?  What is my mission?  Why am I here?

I hear this from most every client I work with, as well as family and friends. Most people think of their purpose in terms of a career. While some focus on where they live. Seeking our purpose often becomes challenging when we think about it in terms of what we do. We think, “It is my purpose to rescue homeless animals, provide reiki, establish food kitchens, or be a teacher.”

All of these are admirable and important. They are even a part of your mission/purpose.

However, you may find that in a few months, a year, or 5 years from now, it may not be the same. Does that mean you have not found your mission? Does that mean you do not know your purpose in this lifetime?

Absolutely not!  There are many levels of life’s mission/purpose.

At the basic level, it is to do or engage in activities that have purpose - to be purposeful.

At the more subtle level, it is to follow your heart and soul in each moment. This allows your higher consciousness to bring changes as you grow and evolve. Although this is subtle, it also is important. Why? Because it is a more difficult task to accomplish – thus evolving your soul.

Then there is enlightenment and realization – ascension. This means growth into a level of total awareness. This is something that all souls strive for, but most of us are blocked by our daily lives and patterns from being able to achieve this state.

The bottom line is, when we think of purpose or mission, we think in terms of a task, an activity, or a job. However, your soul, who you are, is wanting you to think in terms of being in the moment, following your heart, and growing your spiritual self.

Many people say to me – how can that be a mission – I need to do something. My answer: Your mission may bring you something to do, but first and foremost, it is about being something. What you do may change and evolve throughout your life. The path of ‘being’, however, does not change.

One cannot lift themselves up to the higher levels of enlightenment in a moment or in a few years time. I would like to ask you to take the first step and open yourself to allow the process to happen within you. Allow the purpose of you to unfold – even if it is just to be in gratitude and acceptance of each day of your life. This by the way is huge and not easy to master or accomplish. So I say, “Go soul go – show me the way!”

Alice will discuss more on Life’s Purpose next month! 

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