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        June 2008

More on Life’s Purpose
(Expansion from last month’s article)

If my purpose is to learn to be and to let my soul lead the way, why am I here in this lifetime – right now, at this moment?

Each soul chooses to be here, in this lifetime. Your lifetime and the circumstances of your life offer unique opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve – which, can be at the soul level if you chose. So, we go back to the simple fact that your purpose is to be and evolve spiritually.

For each of us, however, it will look and feel different.

For some souls who have repressed parts of themselves, their temporary purpose (1 month – 5 years), might be to find that repressed part. Then including it in their daily routine, by honoring that part of themselves. This is a key in their life’s mission.

For another soul, it may be to help others find and journey on their path. This could be accomplished by simply being a good listener, being a counselor, being a psychic advisor, or being a facilitator of one of the healing arts.

So what is your purpose now? Today?  In this lifetime? Teaching always points the finger back to you – to your heart. Get in touch with yourself. Let it reveal itself.

I work with many clients to discover and align with their soul’s purpose. Everyone’s is different and everyone’s path depends on where they are in their life, in their development, and in their spiritual evolution.

The important thing is to connect! Connect with who you are. Connect with what you are here to learn or give.

This is the path of true satisfaction and fulfillment. However, don’t be surprised if it changes or evolves after a while. That is okay. It is your soul who is pushing you along.

Your path may lead you to discover your own sense of spirituality. Then it will expand to becoming your spiritual self each day. This may evolve to include using your personal energy to support others or the world through prayer and meditation in the sanctuary of your home.
For another his/her path may be to learn about their spirituality. With time this could evolve to include being a healer and then becoming a teacher of others.

For another, his/her path could be to become aware of their spirituality. This is expanded on each day while raising a family and managing a career. This path could be summarized as being balance each and every day - achieving mastery of this aspect.  

All paths start with getting in touch with whom you are.  Meditation with your heart and soul provide wonderful advice, wisdom and knowledge.  Another tip is to begin by doing whatever makes you feel great.  You can’t go wrong with this.  Just start somewhere.  Once again, while in the moment of doing what you enjoy, it is easier for soul to lead the way.  So spend time enjoying yourself and see what comes up.  See what thoughts, ideas, and people show up for you.  Let these lead you to the next experience.

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