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        March 2019

In Our Spiritual Journey We are Always at the Beginning!

The motto for your life could share the same words which were carved above the gate at Delphi – ‘Know Thyself’. Your life and highest self are your teachers. They are the best source of guidance and the best navigator to utilize to know yourself.

The truth is, we each are our own source of answers, guidance, and learnings. It is foundationally important to seek counsel from the Knowing Self within you. It is valuable to learn to live in a manner that puts you in touch with your inner guidance as this part of you knows everything you need to know for your life and each moment of it. Consulting your Higher Teaching Self places you in the present moment, with an understanding that whatever happens in that given moment holds specific information for you.

Experiencing the present can initially be quite difficult, as we tend to waste a good deal of time dwelling on past longings, regrets, or fears of the future. To manage these we can choose to escape our busy life for a brief amount of time by walking, spending time with nature, driving in the country, etc. Even when we try to escape through distraction we can stumble into reviewing our day, remembering our check list, or worrying about something upcoming. At some point we catch ourselves, realizing that our walk is over or how many miles of our drive were missed. And we think, “I missed seeing the trees, feeling the breeze, and noticing my own feelings - because I was too preoccupied to experience it as it was happening.”

As you continue your journey, you are able to catch yourself if you drift away from the present. This is a step towards mind chatter being replaced with a nice stillness. Once the chatter habit is broken, it more easily diminishes. It may take time to reach that step of your journey, but there is hope that you can get there. And don’t forget to claim it as an intention for yourself – a goal to work towards.

In the spiritual life, we are always at the beginning of our journey. At first this may sound negative – when will I be at the end? It is however a gift to have each moment give us a clean slate to create and be new. Each day, each moment is a chance for better choices and putting them into motion. This is something that is helpful to remember, as we aim to overcome our addiction to ‘getting ahead’ along with our human habit of focusing on the future or the past.

We are living in an age where lessons are coming faster and faster - as our souls and the Universe push us into new growth. Familiar waters may, at times, seem unsafe or full of shifting sand making navigation difficult. We now require new navigational tools, and the amazing fact is that You are your best tool. When you seek guidance with the inside of yourself, you can modify your life course.

Generic tools no longer work. You require a unique path or solution that is best fitted for the unique you, in this unique moment. A slight shift within yourself now, can make a vast difference in the months and years ahead. And all of this happens best when we experience the true present, as this is where everything happens.

It’s no longer about getting ahead, it is about the cycle of evolving and growing. This always places us at the beginning, just as each day and moment are a new beginning.

You are your own bridge between self and Higher Teaching Self, between self and Divine Creator. This is an ageless navigational tool, fueled by self and with profound wisdom and usefulness.

I invite you to continue asking for guidance from the inside of you. Each Inquiry is a one-of-a-kind aspect of Creation that addresses your ‘in the moment’ unique desires. Let’s use the best tools you have to actively connect with your higher, unique wisdom - which leads to actively creating what is next for unique you.

It is exciting to always be at the beginning - always evolving, changing, and growing. This happens easily and seamlessly when you allow Higher Teaching Self to be your navigator.

Much loving support for you on your journey.

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