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         March 2009

Transforming Life’s Low Points

“When I am down, I am down.”

We’ve all been there, down at the bottom, feeling despair. When in this low place we often feel separate, unconnected, unsure, unhappy, and yes, lonely.

All of us have had these moments in our lives. Yet, there is always that inner strength that somehow pushes us up and out of the darkness.

What is inner strength? Where does it come from?

It comes from your core self. This is the part of you that was in existence before this life and will continue after this life. Inner strength comes from instinct and your higher power’s protection.

Each of you has the ability and the strength within you to lift yourself up. Whenever you need to or want to tap into it, it is always there.

How do you tap into it?

In order to tap into your inner strength, ask to be filled with grace and support. Allow your higher power to fill you. Take a few deep breaths and allow this to occur. Then once you are in a state of grace, allow yourself just to be you. Accept you as okay, just as you are. Love yourself, just as you are. Honor yourself for feeling as you do.

All healing and empowerment comes from within you. Be your own source for positivity, healing, empowerment, and so much more. Ask for any draining energy to be transformed. Declare that it is no longer a part of you. Accept the Light and allow healing to enter.

Here are some steps to help you with the process.

1. Reconnect with God and the universe. You may have felt separate and alone by virtue of your own thoughts, but it is not true. You are one with and supported by God and all that is. Change your thinking to one of union.

2 Ask for guidance to reveal what is holding you back. Engage in meditation and journaling to help identify the source.

3. Do what ever feels right to clear and cleanse yourself of what you uncovered like: Declare that this aspect is no longer a part of you. Write your old patterns on paper and then burn the paper. Ask your angels to wash them from your being.

4. When you feel the shift within you, smile with knowing. Set about the task of reestablishing a healthier way for you to think and feel. Create positive affirmations for you to adopt. This will replace the old that you cleared. Actively say your affirmations to create the new reality within you.

5. Take a moment and feel the change – really feel the change. This is important. Feeling something helps to bring it further into existence.

6. Acknowledge the shift within you. Express gratitude for the support of God, the universe, and your angels. You always have all the support that you need. You only have to ask for it and be open to receive it.

I recommend that you do not rush the process. Let it unfold. Allow yourself to integrate each step, each revelation into the whole of you.

You can uplift yourself. Tap into your own inner strength!

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