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         July 2012

Did Life or God Let You Down Again?

You asked for help, depended on it, but you didn’t receive it. Do you now feel betrayed by God, the Universe, or life itself?

It can be hard to find the message within trying times. Perhaps there is something you are holding onto deep in your subconscious that is attracting this undesirable situation. Maybe this obstacle is something that your soul agreed to address and master in this lifetime. It could also be that help is on the way, or everything is working itself out in a way in which you are unable to see the progress, but all is in divine order.

The best course of action, when I have felt let down by life, God, or even others around me, is to take steps to pull myself together.

The step first is to acknowledge that by focusing on feelings like betrayal, you are allowing yourself to live in a place of victimhood.  This thinking takes away your authority and ability to be successful, placing your focus outside of yourself. Not an empowering place to live!

After acknowledging this, it is important to pull back your power, and take personal responsibility for your life, experiences, and all parts of you. When you focus on the idea that someone or something outside of you has let you down, you’re giving away your personal power.  It is important to do the work to pull your personal energy back because it can diminish your self-confidence, which can be limiting in so many ways.  

When these feelings present themselves, spend time in a meditative state and ask your inner-self questions. My favorite is the very simple, “Why do I feel betrayed?” Each situation can yield different answers to the same questions, or present a new twist on a previous answer to help further your personal growth.

This feeling may stem from an unhealthy pattern or childhood wound, which is repeating now to show you that there is more work to be done in this area. Clear and transform this old way of being into a healthier pattern for yourself!

Maybe you aren’t really betrayed, but need to learn how to be patient for good things to come to you. Not everything is able to manifest into your life instantly!

As you choose to accept the outcome as it is, you can relax and pursue other interests, allowing the details to work themselves out. Magically, as you are enjoying this new way of being, the help you needed may appear. This brings another insight, perhaps you were not relaxed enough to receive it before, or needed to let go of control and just go with the natural flow of life?

Life is interesting. Although there isn’t a ‘master plan’ or single proven technique that will work in all situations, these simple steps will ensure balance and perspective during difficult times:

Own responsibility for the situation and intend what you want.  Stop felling victimized.  It may feel comfortable to hang on to, but it is so unhealthy. 

Be okay with it and move on.  Let it go!  This offers an opening for something new to enter. 

Explore why this pattern keeps occurring for you.  It could represent an opportunity to transform some old buried energy, thoughts, or emotions.  This is huge because if you transform it, it will not only lighten the load for you, it will also positively change your interactions with others and your life experiences. 

You do not need to live your life feeling victimized or betrayed.  You can reclaim your personal power, esteem, and the direction of your life. Know that you are always supported and that asking for assistance to remove these feelings from your life is a sign of strength. It signifies that you are ready to move forward and want to embrace a new, more positive way of being.

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