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       June 2020

Love is Meant to Evolve and be Shared

Love is a living value that wants to expand. It, like all of creation, seeks growth. The growth of love, life, and experiences happens more easily when we fully love our self. It’s important to keep in mind how our choices can either help or hinder that growth, and is especially reflected in our lives. Choose to expand your love.

Related, did you know the human heart holds the power of miracles? It is a gift from the Creator that is exclusive to our species. These miracles are possible because of your divine heart, and they are immense. At this time in our evolution, miracles are particularly about growth! It’s a time of being more open to sharing love with others through every interaction.

Growth often does require change. Especially during turbulent times, you may find yourself wishing for a simple life based on memories of earlier times. Although the desire for stability is natural, there is a distinct difference between stability and stagnation. Miracles, wishes, and goals are all types of growth as they focus on possibilities and what the future holds. You can help this growth happen by being willing to embrace a new idea, wish for your next step, or dream of your empowerment.

Where do growth and love meet? The easiest way to embrace something new is to live from the love in your heart. That love is powerful - filled with hope and knowing that will guide you continuously forward. The more we live from this place, the more our deep knowing of how everything has shifted becomes clear. To understand how life demands more from us than stagnation, we have to accept our responsibility to make adjustments for both personal and universal evolution. This is paired with allowing one’s self to love, embrace, and share more than ever before. Love is meant to evolve and be shared.

Change is one of the few constants. Just as the Earth changes, we should be open to changes for our betterment. With practice, these concepts grow and we can radiate them outwards for the natural benefit of others and the world around us. The closer we come to mastery, the more we grow into our role as a teacher who spreads love continuously.

Do you love yourself fully? Do you truly love your ‘enemies’? Do you allow your love to expand outwards? The more we embrace love – the more love has an opportunity to grow. When we are aligned with our loving self, love more easily expands outwards to be received by others in surprising ways.

Love is meant to be shared. The more we share love, the more love we will see and experience. We were granted a divine heart and the ability to love, hold love, and share love with all. This is your gift from Creator God. And it can be your gift to our planet and humanity – as love naturally flows from you, every day.

Tips for becoming your love – the miracle of you.

• Have compassion and love for yourself in all situations.
• Smile at yourself every time you look in the mirror and add a kind word.
• Spend time knowing yourself - when you know yourself, you will better know others. (Tools: mediation, journaling, inner inquiry with your heart, observation of self during daily life, etc.)
• Become compassion & love for yourself - in every moment and interaction. The more you become it, the easier you will naturally share it with the world.
• As you share love it will expand; your love evolves.

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