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       July 2020

It All Starts With You
My Message for the second half of 2020

The heightened energies around us, the challenging experiences, and the astrological aspects (June 5-July 5) are all triggering important things within us to heal and address. Anger, hatred, and intolerance have been taking center stage. Clearly, there is a lot of anger in our world and this is the time to address it.

It’s time for us to be aware of how anger and anger-related emotions can be destructive. We don’t want war in our world or to hurt friends who have different ideological viewpoints. We don’t want frustration and anger to damage our important relationships – including the relationship with have with our self. And, we certainly don’t want these inflamed energies inside of us, as they can contribute to inflamed health issues while keeping us from living from a calm, balanced place.
Change always begins from the inside out. You may want to focus on what you see outwards, but we are all capable of holding onto anger. It may look different for you than for me – but that is why we each must do our own inner work.

Learn to access your own anger. Maybe it will appear like mine can: Are you are frustrated because you made a mistake or broke something. You might be impatient with a pet when they don’t understand what you want. You could find yourself irritable with a good friend and cut them off while they are talking. It is important to learn to point a finger at yourself and be accountable for your own emotions and actions.

The collective consciousness of our world right now is increasingly angry and judgmental. Yet, each and everyone of us makes up this consciousness. No one is immune from their contribution – whether large or small. With that understanding it is easier to see how important it is to focus on your inner work instead of what is outside of you. Make a commitment to become more allowing and recognize that this is a Universe and planet of free will. If you don’t like it when someone judges you, why would someone else feel good when they are judged? Choose to let go of judgments and rise into unity consciousness.

Allowing doesn’t necessarily mean agreement. You don’t have to agree with someone’s point of view or behavior to allow them to be exactly as they are. You can be true to yourself by choosing who or what you support, while allowing others to be true to themselves.

What does allowing look like in action? How can you better foster allowing through your choices?

Own Your Feelings. When something bothers you be aware of it. It helps to separate your feelings from your projections and perceptions of others. Keep in mind that your feelings are your own. What is bothering you is inside of you - not the other person or the situation around you. It is beneficial always to look inside and see why a person or situation is triggering these feelings for you and address them. Look within to your own annoyance to learn why you are really feeling annoyed.

Use Your Mastery of Self. Put away your emotional reaction when dealing with frustrating experiences. It is your attachment to the feelings which the experience reminds you of that allows those feelings to fester and grow. You have the power to control how much an annoyance affects you. You’ll find great relief in turning your emotions over to a higher power and living with a peaceful, balanced center within

Embody Patience. Practicing patience with disagreeable aspects in your life will help you become neutral and detached emotionally. The greater universe allows lots of wiggle room for all of your decisions and behaviors, constantly working around them and through them. Why not try to embody this approach in your life. Cultivate a strong, detached, and allowing center within you - throughout all interactions with people and life. This way of being is truly empowering.

Engage in Meditation. Meditation can help cultivate allowing and inner balance. Let it go and go with the flow. By calming your spirit, you can learn to assess before reacting. As you begin to react with more grace and patience - you will become a calming presence and inspiration for others.

As our world changes, it offers us a mirror to reflect on how we are allowing or dis-allowing our judgments, impatience, and inflamed emotions. It is a time to look internally, instead of pointing blame externally.

Set your intention to stay focused on experiencing allowing, acceptance, and peace. As you do so, you will naturally share it with the world. From your heart, set your intention and trust that it is so. Change begins with you.

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