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       January 2020

Spiritual Advice for 2020

As you create an intention to follow and develop a spiritual pathway, one of awakening and remembering your truth - you move through layers of what I call ascension training. These are opportunities to demonstrate mastery of self and are foundational for your continued growth. No one can master your 3D habits, fears, ingrained beliefs, or negative emotions, but you. And, they all must go! This is your journey to embody a higher conscious way of being.

Each period of your spiritual pathway has a different primary focus. Each aspect of self is important to master, leading to greater understanding of your formative experiences, beliefs, habitual emotions, and the physical manifestation that often follows. This mastery process takes time, continuing until you have a deeper understanding and acceptance of self. No two journeys will look the same, as they are personal to the desires of your soul. Our journey, and purpose for being here, is unique for each of us.

Humanity as a collective also moves through layers and periods of spiritual awakening and growth. This can influence your spiritual pathway and experiences. However, it can take your focus off of yourself. Remember, your biggest gift to the world is self-mastery and love of self. What you embody on an ongoing basis is what you naturally vibrate and share outward.

As we move into 2020, there will be a heightening of low vibrational cycles causing extreme polarity and intense unresolved conflicts in the world around us. Use this as a reminder to focus within, as opposed to what is outside of you. Continually enhancing your self-trust and love centers and balances you. It is also your gift to the world.

When we all live in this manner, our bright ‘light vibration’ multiplies and multiplies.

How to move your focus from outer conflict to inner growth.

One primary challenge at this stage of your development is to eliminate knee-jerk reactions. It’s time to use your focus to observe and ponder for deeper insights held in each life experience. When something happens that agitates you or makes you feel a certain way, stop and think: I wonder why this is showing up for me this way? What inside of me is being triggered? What lesson is here for me?

This may be a new way to live, but it has huge rewards for your evolution and peace. Remember your life’s spotlight is on you, not others. Think ‘self-realization’ as an embodied divine spiritual being. The more you choose to place the spotlight on the inside of you, the more you will realize fully who you are as a spiritual being. This ‘self-realization’ allows your full potential to manifest in new ways.

When you are committed to this aspect of self-mastery – the ability to see yourself and situations honestly – you’ll find a fuller support when moving forward on your path. Support that is perfect just for you.

Challenges may or may not arise, but your ‘go to’ should remain the same. Regardless of what you are experiencing, stop and observe your reactions and the thoughts you choose to create from them. Wisdom gained from self-observation can propel you forward in a big way!

An added benefit of living as a self-observer is you will learn and embody a new way of being that will carry you through life with ease and fulfillment. This is a huge gift!

Re- Balancing Steps

Remember, when you feel out of balance with your self-expression, your feelings, or your body:
• Stop
• Pause
• Observe yourself
• Ask the inside of you ‘why?’
• Learn what needs to be adjusted
• Forgive your self
• Make a commitment to that self-adjustment
• Move forward with balance and serenity

This year, 2020, I sincerely advise you to consciously and consistently focus each day on the inside of you versus the outside of you. Make it your new ’go to’ and habit way of being!

Happy New Year. Love – Alice

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