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        February 2019

It’s All About You!
Become Your Highest Potential

Choose to embody your true self and place a priority on you.

How do we become and embody our highest and best self every day? How do we support our highest potential?

Start by taking stock of where you spend most of your time and energy. What is important to you? If your answer is something similar to ‘my children, my family, or my partner’ - you have left someone important off your list. It’s you!

We shouldn’t ignore our intimate and close relationships, but we each need to acknowledge the importance of self. Spiritually we are all called to honor ourselves as important and place ourselves at the top of the priority list. This concept can feel contrary to what we’ve been taught, yet it is a common basis of many ancient teachings, texts, gurus, and ascending masters. It is important to put yourself first.

If you don’t make yourself happy first, it is hard to maintain happiness. If you do not respect yourself first, it is more difficult to be respected by others. If you don’t love you first, unconditional love is difficult to build and accept. This principle can be applied to all types of aspects that we want in our lives and relationships. To fully have, maintain, and experience these facets, we first must give them to ourselves. Ultimately this means the best way to get what you want is to become it first.

Distilled to our core, each of us are pure love and creative force. Non-loving interactions don’t honor your core self – including non-loving thoughts, beliefs, and interactions with ourselves. Ancient texts express we should love god with all of our heart first, and then love all others the same. The order there has meaning. If we go against that sequence we are out of alignment with the Universe. More importantly, you have completely rejected your creative force - the god that you are! We are all spiritual beings made in God’s likeness – and should love that aspect of self.

To be able to experience your highest and best self every day, to attract high vibrational support, and become your highest potential - it is fundamentally important to first know who and what you truly are. I am creator god.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. We know that god is love, so you already are pure love. Accept these parts of self with all of you. Embody the energy of love in your daily choices – both outside of self and when it comes to self-talk. Take time to love yourself without conditions, so you are able to express love fully outward to others.

The good news is it’s a progressive experience. As you move into honoring yourself as a priority before others and becoming love, you will naturally vibrate at higher levels. Not only is that a powerful evolution for you, but it helps attract like-minded energies for support, passion and enjoyment.

This is your time.

When you focus on yourself great things are possible. This period of humanity’s evolution greatly supports those who are in tune with their divine self and are in alignment with this knowing. Universal energetic support helps make it easier to discover and transform old negative habits and beliefs.

Embracing these changes and doing the transformative work bears great gifts. The gifts of holding onto more light, ascending into your true self, and becoming your full potential. The Universe is telling us that “It’s your time is now!” So focus on you – the divine you. As you do, you will become love, vibrate higher, live more consciously, and more naturally become your highest potential. I am my full potential self!

If you resist moving into a ‘self-love first’ way of being or continue to live and be the same way you have always been - you may receive an unexpected or unpleasant kick to spur movement in the ascending direction!

Stop and spend intimate time with yourself. Be honest and clear out what is no longer valid. Work to heal what is present to heal. If you have done this in the past, it is important to check in on a regular basis. New fears can emerge that need to be released and transformed. It is important to connect to offer comfort and love to all parts of self. Even if you have walked this path before, there is always more to discover, transform, learn, and evolve during your life’s journey.

I hope I am motivating you to become more of the ‘true you’ and to go further towards being your highest potential. When you focus on you - to grow into your highest and best self, put yourself first, and throw out your fears – all will fall into place for you. Remember, it always has been and always will be all about you.

Let’s end where we started: Ask yourself, ‘What is important for me to support and embody, in order to become my highest self and best potential every day? I hope your answer is, ‘Me – Divine Me.’

Love - Alice

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