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        February 2010

Caught on Life’s Treadmill?

I hear it from nearly all my clients, friends, and even family. They all struggle to find the time for a minimal routine of 30 minutes a week for quiet mediation and prayer. 

They all acknowledge that it is important, that it is something they want and need to do. In fact, most long for it with their heart and soul. After a request by those in my community, I set up a meditation group so it would be easy for them to stop by after work, and meditate. Yet many of those who asked for it and welcomed the idea just can’t seem to find the time to join us.  

What do all these people have in common?  They cannot get off the treadmill of their life!  Everything jumps in and becomes more important than the quiet time that their heart and soul longs for.

There is no right or wrong here, but there are questions you should seriously ask yourself if you cannot find a way to take 30 minutes a week or month for quiet time with yourself and God. How you spend your time is a precious choice. It shows what is important to you. If you never make the time, what does that say about you? Are you and your needs not important to you?

It comes down to one thing – choice. Let choice be the engine of your evolution.

Some may say that they have no choice; they just respond each day and pedal through as best they can. How often have you thought something similar to, “I must wait for everything to be done and then I will choose to take time for me and my relationship with God”?  If you wait for everything to get done to do this, it may never happen. In my experience, rarely does everything get done, but it is always possible to make time. You are capable of choosing how to spend your time each day.  Listen to your innermost needs, and you will find a way.  

Although having ‘no time’ seems to loom large in each of our lives, once you step back and look at ‘no time’, you will realize that there is as much time as you need. The only limitations are the ones that you choose to put on it. Trust that in this journey we call life; you are perfectly where you are supposed to be.

So stop right now, and take a deep breath. Doesn’t that feel better?

Know that taking 30 minutes each week, or better yet each day, for quiet meditation with self and God will not negatively affect your life and time for other activities. In fact the opposite will occur. When you create this special time for yourself, it gives you the centering, focus, and positive energy to excel!

Why not start now by doing an inventory of how you spend your time. Does it say I am important to me? If the answer is not a resounding, confident yes, then consider time tithing with yourself. Block time for your spiritual work first, and let the rest of your life fall around those sacred times. This shows that you are a priority to you!

Don’t worry about what is not getting done during those 30 minutes. When you honor yourself by taking time for yourself – mind, body, spirit – God and your angels will help make all the other things in your life work. Trust me, it’s true.

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