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       December 2020

Light is a Misunderstood Term
Happy Season of Divine Light

We are moving into a new consciousness of light, but what does that mean? Words like ‘light’ can often carry more than a single meaning. Do you fully understand light and the role it can have in your life?

True light is beyond words. It is the force of reclamation; it is the power of creation. It is nothing less than life itself. Light is brimming with information, wisdom, and insights that are the building blocks of our new consciousness.

This time period on earth is an invitation for the reclamation of our true self and our inalienable rights to live in alignment with Creator. When you accept your true self, it is easier to fully know that you are worthy and safe to express and embody your unique self. With this comes an understanding of what it feels like to be unconditionally respected and understood.

We have been living on this planet for eons within a narrow bandwidth of consciousness (light). This is what we are moving away from and into a new light of expanded information and awareness of self and the world.

Embrace the process in your own life by being aware and open to all that is around you. Let go of limitations that you have allowed as your own narrow bandwidth habits. The world is asking each of us to pick up our heads, open our eyes and ears, and be open to new perspectives. Through these actions we will more easily experience the breath of expansive light, which is exhilarating, liberating, and joyful.

So how do we help this process to evolve for our self and the world? First, start allowing yourself to consider new ideas, concepts, and information. Learning is growing and it stretches the bandwidth of your consciousness! Second, raise your vibration by removing old, dense beliefs. As we raise the vibration of our mind, feelings, and body - we naturally allow light to enter. The more we return to our pure light – the higher our consciousness is raised for the betterment of daily living and being. As we walk this pathway for ourselves – we radiate it outwards for Earth and humanity at large.

You can also maintain and raise your vibration by laughing, singing, dancing, smiling, meditating, being in gratitude, spending time in nature, researching, or reading to learn something new. It’s about being outside of your routines and celebrating your joyful existence. What better way to be light and bright than to honor the sun? Drink pure water that you’ve placed in the sun, allowing it to absorb all that light has to offer.

Know that right now, there is new light entering our world. This light is there to help us assess and let go of old confines. With its support, you can be liberated from human entrapment – old limiting beliefs that no long serve you and our planet. This increased light will also impact your physical being in many positive ways. So, let go of the old until all that remains is pure light.

This moment is also a celebration of your personal growth and journey. Acknowledge that you have been changing – as you are an evolving being of light. The more you recognize your growth, the easier it will be to allow more light to operate from within you. Explore your beliefs and patterns regularly, and you may be surprised by how much your view of yourself and spirituality is different than before. Change is growth.

Be honest with yourself. Will you make a promise to yourself to invite more positive, light energies into your life? Will you accept a healthier detached viewpoint from conflict that allows you to listen to your higher consciousness? Will you do the work to approach challenges differently so you allow more space for light to grow?

Let go of your habit, knee jerk reactions. Allow yourself to process and integrate what is going on, and then choose to take the higher path. Release the need to control and be confident in your decisions. These steps are important to be true to yourself and be able to radiate powerful light for others.

The more you embrace living from a place of higher consciousness, the faster you will vibrate. That vibration is important to fully integrate powerful light energies and it makes whatever you are thinking about, manifest very quickly. It is important, therefore, to consciously place your energies and the focus of your attention on what you want for yourself and the world, versus, what you don’t want or worry about. This brings you the experience of moving into the light. All is possible.

2020 has certainly brought a lot of instability into our lives. Use this outward instability to drive you to find your stability. Focus on you – your core stability and what is fundamentally most important to you. Ask yourself: What is most important to me? How do I want to use my precious energy, and am I following those ideas? Am I ready to experience the joyful life that expanding light energies will bring into my life?

Make the choice today, to live in a way that embraces your full light.

Happy Season of Divine Light! Love, Alice

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