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        December 2018

Are You an Angel in a Human Body?

In the higher realms, angels are assigned to support humans on their journey of becoming their highest and best self. Some of these angels need to be born into human form to fulfill their assignments. Although they forget their angelic origin once born, they keep certain traits, such as always feeling different from other people along with being loving, kind, and accepting in their daily life. It is natural for them to desire the best for all.

Human Angels have a very strong purpose—to bring light and love into the world. They are naturally inclined toward healing and being positive. They freely spread love, compassion, and guidance. If you want to help your fellow human being, maybe you are an earth angel. Maybe your purpose is to share and spread the love.

Many people have lost hope that humanity and Mother Earth cannot be changed for the better. Angels on earth offer hope. They show people alternatives to hopelessness, victimhood, indifference, and hatred.

My feeling is whether you are an earth angel or not, each of us can embody these traits if we choose to!

To accomplish this first you must transform your own life in order to be able to help guide and transform the life of others. Focus on reworking yourself to become the kind of person you want to be - then you are ready to share and help others.

The ultimate result of your transformational work and sharing is it will raise the Earth’s vibration, which gives you the ability to help humanity move into a reality of love, peace, and positive creators.

Listen to your heart. Are you called to assist, serve, love, and express compassion to all? This is being an Earth Angel. It's about stepping into your true self and sharing this with all you interact with. It can manifest as being patient and kind each day, by discovering a spiritual gift and not being afraid to use it, or numerous other expressions.

The common thread is the desire to be in the present moment with love and a willingness to assist others and the earth. It means choosing to be a friend and a shining light in the world. It always means being committed to reworking and evolving your inner-self.

We are all here to help ourselves and others to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and universal love, regardless of whether we are an earth angel or not! We all can contribute by embodying the aspects of being an earth angel. Collectively that means we create a very large band of human’s acting as angels, just by choosing to live with compassion, love, acceptance, joy, kindness, humility, and patience!

When you transform your own life and unconditionally love yourself, you become the path of helping others and the planet.

To embrace your inner angel, wake up each day and remind yourself that today is the day to embody who you truly are: A person who is worthy, confident, loves and is not afraid of sharing that love. A person who allows themselves to make a mistake and accepts others in the same manner. A person who wants to help when you’re called to do so. Even if you doubt yourself, trust and allow divine guidance to support you.

Thank you, each of you, for being here now. Happy Sacred Holidays to you, your families, and the world.

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