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        August 2015

Breathing & The Body – A Powerful Combination!

In 2005, I did a breath work session with someone who was visiting Pensacola, Florida – which is about an hour from where I lived at the time. The opportunity came to me as an invitation to join, so I did.

I am grateful that I did, as it was a powerful experience. I wrote about it in a personal journal the evening of the event, which I recently found, and formed into this article.

I hope you enjoy hearing about this experience and I hope it inspires you to seek out new experiences on your spiritual journey.

I hear: “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.”
“Focus more on the exhale. Make the exhale bigger.”
“Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.”

My personal preference for meditation kicks in. I want to go to my spiritual place – a floating, visual oriented place where I connect with spiritual beings.

I hear, “Focus on your breath.”
I say, “I want to go to my meditation place. It feels good there - I can float there.”

I hear, “Focus on your body, your breath.”
I say, “I don’t want to. I want to float.”
I hear, “Focus on your breath.”

I ask for courage to do something diametrically opposed to my experience at that time. Prior to this experience, I breathed to open, to go to my place for meditation - flying in other dimensions and receiving guidance. This is simply one of my favorite things to do!

Now, I am being directed not to go to my meditation space, instead to focus on my body and breathing. It doesn’t feel good and it isn’t natural for me. I put my focus on mastering the courage to do something different, even when my familiar way feels so good.

I breathe. I focus on adjusting my breathing. I focus on breathing. I start to feel electricity in my left hand and fingers – which is often a receiver of energy and communication for me.

I hear, “Focus on breathing.”
I say, “I don’t want to. I want to be with the awesome feeling in my hand and fingers. I just want to feel it, focus on it, and receive from it”

I hear, “No. Focus on breathing.”
Now this really takes courage, as the feeling in my hand is alluring. I want to go there - to be there. I ask for the animal totem of tiger to give me courage. She joins and helps me.

I focus on my breathing – focus on my breathing. I focus on nothing else.

Then it happened.

An energy enters me – my body vibrates, moves, and jiggles back and forth. I ask for silence from the instructor who has been communicating with me throughout the process. I receive silence.

The energy writhes through me from my tail bone all the way to my head. My electric hands feel led to my crown and third eye charkas, as my body writhes. I hold this position for a long time.

I feel a completeness. I want to express myself – to sing my own song. I ask that the music being played be turned off. As it was turned off, I sat up yoga style and out of my soul came my shaman song. Profound toning came from the depths of me, over and over and over again. I was not making myself sing the tones I was hearing - they just flowed out.

I blessed myself and my charkas. Then another song flowed – a gentler toning of thanksgiving and praise. It took another 10-15 minutes to detach myself from the process and reground myself into the present.

I told the instructor, “I received an energy from a healing partner in the spirit world, St Germain. His energy is now within me. It is me. He inspires me and my work. His energy and I are one – we merged. I have been asking for this to occur for some time. Your breath work gave me the opening that was needed.”

I am so grateful that I allowed myself to experience this process. This was the first time that I experienced my body as the receiver of energy versus going to my inner meditation state to receive. It was powerful. It was important. It was awesome.

Although I did not discuss this experience with my clients, many commented that they felt a difference in my work – calling it both an expansion and a growth.

I also could feel the difference. In part, the energy work felt like it was less of me and more of a guided energy. The breath work session, where I merged with the powerful healing energy of St Germain, certainly propelled me on a new evolution of my practice and my ability to help others. Something I remain both excited and grateful for.

Today, I understand that the timing of the experience wasn’t an accident. For several months leading up to the breath work session, I was intending for the merger of Germain’s energy and mine. I was working towards manifesting it. I had no concept of how or when it would occur – but I was routinely stating my desire for it to occur.

To be honest, experiencing a breath work session is not something I would have sought out. If the invitation had not come to me in a sincere and open way, I probably wouldn’t have had this experience. In fact, I was surprised that I accepted the invitation. It was obviously in Divine order that it occurred this way, and I had a life changing experience.

In last month’s article, ‘Do You Listen to Your Body’s Voice?’ I wrote about many reasons why it is powerful to connect with your body. In this article, we learn that your body can also be a powerful receiver of physically energy when you focus on your breath exclusively and allow whatever process is meant for you to occur. Just as inner work with your subconscious, unconscious and other dimensional states requires you getting out of your own way - so does this process. I had to work through my habit ways of being in order to allow this to occur. When I did, I had a very special experience designed especially for me.

I encourage you to allow yourself to experience something beyond your current spiritual practice - no matter what your preferences are. It might be a vehicle for you to achieve a personal milestone, or something wonderfully tailored just for you.

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