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        July 2015

Do You Listen to Your Body's Voice?

Your body has an innate intelligence. We know this on one level, as your body knows how to move you around - how to think and how to speak. But there is a lot more!

I have experienced, and helped clients experience, a two way communication with our bodies. It is so compelling and full of benefits. Once you experience it, you want this to become a natural part of your life.

You may be thinking: “My body is flesh and blood - it does not communicate.”

Let’s look at the definition of communicate:
1. To receive communion
2. To transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood
3. To open into each other: connect

To communicate means opening up to connect - to receive and transmit in a way that is understood. Yes, this is possible with your body.

Your body takes commands from your thoughts and emotions - you transmit information through your thoughts and feelings. This is automatic.

If someone constantly feels unsupported or thinks they are without support – then the support structure of their body feels the effects and issues like osteoporosis could set in. This is an instance of a body taking command from someone’s thoughts and feelings. Continually thinking and feeling unsupported communicates that message to the body, to which the body complies, leading to bone decay and an unsupported physical form.

There is another side of body communication - the part where your body is able to communicate with you. An example is if your shoulders are sore – and there isn’t a physical reason like strenuous activity. This pain could be your body’s way of telling you that you are carrying too many burdens, or that you should revaluate what is on your plate and take something off.

If you find yourself with a chronic aliment without a physical explanation, it could be your body’s way of trying to express something to you. A sore and scratchy throat can be a sign that you that you are swallowing your self-expression or your emotions.

During a period when I was working on being non-judgmental, I began to sneeze every time I held a judgment - even though there was nothing in my environment to be a cause. When I asked why, I received, “You are putting your nose where it does not belong,” which is in essence what we do when we judge others. This communication alert from my body helped me refocus my efforts and I am happy to say that it is no longer necessary!

Once you understand that the communication lines are open between your thoughts and physical being – it becomes a powerful transformation tool that you can fully take advantage of.

When I facilitate my client’s transformation while in a meditative state – we can directly ask an injured hip, for instance, what it looks and feels like that day. How it presents itself and how it expresses its needs to become perfect and whole - can then be addressed within the healing session. If the hips need the energy of love or communicates a need for strength – we have that pertinent information to be able to work with the body, mind, emotions, and intentions fully to fulfill the request. The hip could also tell us that a fear of the future is inside of it, facilitating the journey of transformation of that dense emotion.

After this wonderful communication and healing work is accomplished, we again ask the hip to show what it looks and feels like. A client could receive a vision of himself walking easily or the next part of the transformation puzzle – but the original communication is no longer valid as a new transformed image takes its place.

Take the time to tune in and listen to your body. It will tell you what needs to be healed &/or what it needs from you. It can also give you a great message like my sneezing! And, remember your body takes commands from you – every thought and emotion - so be conscious to make them positive and healing. A simple statement such as ‘my immune system is optimal in all ways’ is a powerful communication.

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