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       August 2011

The Fire of Your Personal Power

The universal element of fire represents transformation, creation, and empowerment.  Fire’s energy is a powerful tool to bring thoughts and words into action. We can effectively use fire’s energy in our lives when our personal power is aligned with our soul, and our intention is spoken with authority.

It is important to harness your fire through speaking and commanding with a voice of authority and power. Learning to embrace this task will help you gain a strong sense of self and obtain your needs from the world around you.

‘Command’ and ‘authority’ are a strong choice of words for a spiritual concept. It is likely to trigger images of someone being authoritarian, rigid, and controlling; traits that contradict being able to go with the flow and be in the present moment. Yet, both play an important role in spiritual paths.

Finding your fire is about tapping into your personal power; your ability to say yes or no to things. It is about deeply having a clear vision of self at a soul level (versus the conscious mind), and then standing up and declaring to God and the Universe what you are all about, and what you intend to manifest.  It is about declaring with every ounce of your fire that, “I am staying the course, no matter what. I am single minded on my course. I am not wishy-washy. I am not easily swayed. I stay the course.”

Why is this important? I believe that until you are strong and forceful about this, your life can be like limbo, feeling stuck without being able to find an exit or solution.

Many of us want abundance, yet it alludes us. Fear sets in. We say the words “I am abundant in all ways.” However, when two weeks go by and things are the same, we turn to worry, often feeling frustrated and alone. At some point we need to step up and say; “I am no longer afraid. I trust God and the Universe to support my abundance. I declare this as I am worthy and deserving.”  Declaring your worthiness and truly believing it is a huge expression of your personal fire! Once declared, never step onto that ‘fear path’ again. Be single focused in your trust, and enjoy each day with joy. Watch and see what happens.

If this seems scary, consider what do you have to lose? The other way isn’t working, so it is time to try something else. Let your personal fire fuel this new direction.

Several years ago, I was working about 30% more than usual while seeing only a small financial gain.  Although I affirmed my abundance, I was exhausted in my execution of it. My heart and soul did not want my life to be all work.  My heart and soul wanted time for reflection, time with nature, and time for fun. I finally declared from a place of spiritual alignment and with a sense of worthiness, “God, I do not want to work this hard. I am scaling back to have time for my spiritual self and for me. I trust you to bring me a way to support myself in this life style.  I intend this, as I am worthy to have it.”

After this bold declaration, I never looked back. I cut back on my events and client appointments and I started to carve out time for activities of my choosing. I never worried about how it was going to work; I just did it.  All of a sudden 5 months had gone by, and I realized I was still able to pay all my bills.  

How did this happen?  I realized that by reducing the number of events I held, 50% more people were coming to each one. So instead of facilitating two small groups, and traveling out to see them, one large group was coming to see me. The time gained by not traveling, preparing for, and holding so many events was easily used for my personal goals and for a few additional client sessions each week.  In this same period I was also gifted with an unexpected, sizeable reduction in rent. It may not have been what I expected, but it sure worked! I had time for me and the money needed to support myself in a much easier manner than before.

Declare your soul’s desire with the fire of your personal power.  Then step out and act like what you declare is true. Your angels and guides will help make it all happen, even if it happens in unexpected ways.

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