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        December 2007

Joy, Joy, & More Joy!

Over the past year, everyone was talking about The Secret. I want to share what I view as the real secret of life – Joy!

I am sure many of you are thinking, “Joy – why is that a secret?” I invite you to take a deep breath and answer the following questions.

How do you feel:

When things are going right for you?
When you are filled with confidence about something?
When a prayer or intention is answered?
When you step outside in the early morning air, the sun is shinning, and the birds are twittering?
When you are at peace?
When you have been able to help someone – be of assistance in a way that makes a difference?
When you are experiencing a period of freedom?
When you walk with a lilt in your step?

Let me guess that your answers are joy, a component of joy, or something that leads to joy? The dictionary’s definition of joy is, “A state of happiness or felicity – bliss; the emotion of great delight or happiness.”

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were joyful each and everyday? How awesome it would feel! Joy helps us lighten up and enjoy each day fully in the present, despite what might be going on in the world around us. When we can let life’s stresses role off our back like a duck, and stop taking ourselves so seriously, incredible things happen.

Being joy improves your attitude, your health, and even your ability to attract and manifest what you want out of life. Your soul soars and your spiritual self expands. You feel relaxed and comfortable in all situations, with all people, and nothing is able to spin you up. You are at peace with yourself. You are lighter and brighter inside and out.

This secret is simple: being joy feels good. In fact, it feels terrific! Who doesn’t want to feel that way? However, it goes deeper. Being joyful means holding a powerful vibration within ourselves. This higher vibration helps ensure healing, maintaining health, and attracting what we desire.

We all have the power to choose what emotions to hold within ourselves. When we choose to become joy, everything starts shifting in an extremely positive way. We know that what we hold onto inside, we get in our experiences. Learn to hold on to joy and everything in your life will be joyful! This leads to feeling more joyful – which creates even more joyful experiences. What a positive cycle! The bottom line is that, all good things happen when we are joyful.

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to do attraction work if you are down trodden and/or doubtful? The logic here is that feeling like a victim, or being doubtful are heavy low vibration energies that can work cross purposes with health, wellbeing, and co-creating your destiny.

Being joyful makes you feel lighter and brighter. It attracts lighter and brighter people, opportunities, ideas and experiences to you!

I used to think, “All I want is peace.” I have come to realize that peace – being peace – leads to joy!

Some people seek freedom, but freedom – really feeling free - leads to overflowing joy. If you desire health, happiness, abundance, or love - tap into the secret of life. Give yourself the powerful gift of Joy. Choose to fill yourself with joy and be joyful despite life’s circumstances.

In the spirit of this holiday season – one where joy is suppose to abound – I invite you to be joyful each day. Choose to lighten up, and walk with a lilt in your step. Choose to wear a smile on your face. Enjoy being a joyful you!

“Repeat the sounding joy. Repeat the sounding joy.
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy”

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