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       April 2020

Isolation as a Gift for You and the World
Tips to utilize your Corona Virus isolation for spiritual growth.

The corona virus (COVID-19) is creating a pause for us to really think about, address, and assess our lives. This is accompanied by real issues like fears of being sick, the ability to earn money, or having enough food. Collectively, we are worried about our loved ones and our future.

These feelings are further heightened as routines have been uprooted. The familiarity of daily life has changed, especially for those with a suddenly active home due to family or children’s routines being halted. This can highlight a sense of frustration and powerlessness for all members of the household. How does one live in this new and limiting experience?

Did you know that experiencing a period of being isolated can play an important role in the spiritual evolution of a person? It can also have a huge positive impact on the evolution of a collective group, and even the world.

As our automatic rhythms and patterns have come to a halt, spiritually we are being called to take advantage of it. Stop and listen to ourselves. Listen to God. Observe our life and the world we live in.

Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation to reevaluate your goals. Are you the person you want to be? Do you feel the world is the best it can be?

Our regular daily routines helped us maintain blinders, as it was possible to automatically move through our day. Perhaps we didn’t notice how polluted our earth is or didn’t take stock of the health of all parts of our being. Maybe we didn’t take time to research or learn what can be done differently.

Know that your true self wants you to spend more time learning about who you really are and what is most important. It wants you to have an outwards awareness of others and their needs, which is so important to be able to establish mutually supportive relationships.

So, as we enter this period of collective isolation, I want to share the spiritual purpose of a stretch of isolation. It is my hope that you will take advantage of this time to uplift yourself and humanity.


It’s easy for life to have an outward focus. We are aiming for physical accomplishments that signal we are successful or to show how obligations or expectations have been met. We’re taught a hierarchy for decision making that looks to others for guidance, decision making, or wisdom. Looking inwards is far too often on the sidelines of our lives.

When we experience an extended period of being alone or confined, these old habit ways start to crumble. Our lifestyle, means of personal support, and the routines that feel comfortable can be hiding big revelations. What or who are you emotionally dependent on? Do you interact with grace and joy with family members and those who are most important to you?

Times of isolation push each of us to more consistently consult the inside of self. If this is not part of your normal routine, know that it does offer a vehicle for you to move into personal empowerment. It spurs your authentic nature to fully express across all aspects of your life, and allows you to more easily communicate with the Creator and receive divine guidance.

However, none of this can happen if you don’t first choose to spend time with the inside of you. It can be easy to find an excuse or reason why you don’t spend time in reflection or meditation. You’re busy, tired, always moving to the next task – avoiding your call to be more intimate with you.

Why not take advantage of the current ‘stay at home’ period to learn about yourself, your family members, or the world more fully? Use the time you’d be at the gym or yoga for personal journaling or meditation. Use the time you would have been traveling to work or school for really listening to family members. If you embrace this idea, you will find many special gifts for yourself and your relationships.

When you go inward, you’ll remember the truth of who you really are – you are a divine spiritual being having a challenging human experience. This can help you understand a deep feeling of loneliness that radiates from the soul level. When one’s soul has felt separated from the Creator for a long time, it may not feel at home in this life experience. This can be expressed as deep soul grief. If you’ve struggled with feelings of grief, this could be an important puzzle piece for your understanding and growth.

Once you feel and know your soul’s hurt, you can successfully work with it. This helps to establish a stronger resolve and acceptance of your soul’s agreement to be here, and to spiritually grow yourself and assist humanity to do the same. At the simplest level, we all share that agreement. We all are called to strengthen our trust that all is in divine order and that our soul is always safe and protected.

This experience is necessary for your growth, but it doesn’t end there. When you operate with a focus on the inside of self, versus the outside, you can more easily see the negative beliefs that have limited you. Holding negative density inhibits your spiritual growth. Let’s thank old fears and beliefs for showing up, allowing for their transformation. Acknowledge them and process them, so better beliefs can take their place.

The collective experience of isolation is a key evolutionary opportunity. It places each of us in the pathway of facing and processing this energy – enabling you to grow further into your divine self. If we all choose to take advantage of it, we can change our world.

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