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        April 2019

Your Cells Hold More Than You Imagine!

Our body is made up of cells - cell upon cell upon cell. A lot happens within the cell, which is why cellular level healing and cellular health maintenance are important.

Cells have intelligence and memories. They absorb from their environment - what is happening outside along with being able to absorb from you. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can become part of the intelligence and memory of your cells – both the good and bad.

It doesn’t seem like a revolutionary idea until we consider all of the times we’ve expressed, thought, or felt a negative thought or emotion.

When you analyze your beliefs about yourself, life, and others you’ll likely find how many of your beliefs are unhealthy. Examples of common negative beliefs are: "No one supports me." "Everything is difficult." "People who have money are selfish." "I am never lucky."

In addition to negative beliefs, cells can store and express through pain. One of my client cases worked in sessions to address chronic neck pain. Through those sessions we were able to discover and release the cause. The client viewed someone close to them as a ‘pain in the neck,’ which manifested their health issue. Once we discovered their beliefs, memories, and emotions we did the work at the cellular level to release them and forgive the other person. The stiffness and pain has not reoccurred for the client, even as several years have passed since the initial sessions.

Pain can take many forms and it automatically is stored within our cells. There are ongoing pains of life like experiencing betrayal, the death of a loved one, or losing a job that we depend on. And then statistics reveal disheartening pain - one in five Americans was sexually molested as a child, one in three women have experienced domestic violence, and twenty-five percent of us grew up with alcoholic relatives. Those statics are consistent with what I see when facilitating client’s cellular level healing over the last 16+years.

We don’t want to remember these painful memories and the beliefs we formed around them, so they are stored and operate from deep inside our cells.

Old painful experiences that reside in our cells create outwards. They help fuel fears, crippling anxiety, and stress. It’s estimated that up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are due to stress-related complaints. All of this can lead to chronic and serious health issues or disease.

Your cells absorb all of this into their inherent intelligence and memories. It becomes a way of being that guides and creates your experiences, over and over again. It creates a pattern that finds its way deep into the fabric of your life experiences.

The damage can continue to our physical self. If we strongly hold onto the thought and emotions associated with lacking support, for example, and continually feed our cells those negative energies our cells will continue to create outward. It may manifest as physical problems with your spine or as osteoporosis, as your bones and spine are part of the support system of your body.

The truth is, nearly everything that negatively impacts our physical self is a manifestation of something negative from our cellular profile. I would like to encourage you to continue reading on this topic and be open to scheduling a free 30 minute consultation with me to talk about your specific cellular level concerns.

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