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Each month a new inspirational, spiritual, or educational article by Alice McCall is posted.
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        April 2010

My Mentor – Mother Nature
Have you ever communicated with a tree, an insect, a bird, a flower, a mineral?
 Well I have; and do they ever have a lot to share, if you let them.

We are God’s creation. We are made up of energy molecules. We each have a purpose/mission that helps define our existence. These also all apply to other beings of nature and earth! Some are sent to us, or we cross their path, so that they can speak to us. Some have wisdom, if you ask them to share it.  Some can teach us by how they live their life, teaching by their example.  Others will help us if we set the intention for them to assist, as I often do with my crystals.

Birds seem to carry messages for me. I am told that several people with Indian heritage have had the same experience, so I guess I am not going crazy!

Once a big black bird showed up on the balcony of a condo I was staying at. It was out of place for the surroundings, birds like this one were not common in that area. It sat on the railing of the balcony and cawed and cawed. It would not leave. I shooed it away, and it came back and cawed and cawed. I shooed it away again, and it came back and cawed and cawed – seemingly at me. I got the clear impression – finally – that it would not leave until I listened to it. So I did. I sent a beam of light from my heart to the bird and asked what message it had for me. I got this deep knowing in my heart, “Stop worrying; it will hurt your cause.” Once the knowing came to me, the bird looked at me, and flew away. It never returned, and I never saw a bird like that in the area again.

The message was pertinent – because I was worrying about something very important in my life. So this bird helped me to stop and turn the situation over to God. (This was correct advice, as worrying sets up a negative energy dynamic that can actually bring us the very thing we worry about!) Moreover, all ended well with my situation.

Other birds have brought me messages as well. One even dived into the window of my home repeatedly until I got its message!  It seemed like it was on a kamikaze mission; “I will continue, and will even hurt myself, until you get my message.”  Finally, I asked for the message. Once I received it, the bird left, and didn’t return.

At a house I used to live in, I had a magnolia tree in the back yard. Previously I had learned that magnolia trees are wise, and hold lots of wisdom for the earth. So I decided that I would try to listen to this tree. Over time we bonded. I often sent my magnolia thoughts and listened for its response. I do not live there anymore and the saddest part of moving away was leaving my friend, magnolia.

If there ever was a role model for me of patience and trust, it is my beloved Yorkshire terrier, Keta. Patience and trust are difficult for me to totally incorporate into my being. So, she serves as a daily reminder for me. There is no coincidence that she is in my life!

The energy from our planet earth, the wonderful aspects of nature, and the animals that live here can be calming, inspiring, and educational. April is the month that honors earth each year through the celebration of Earth Day. Let’s honor earth and all that live on it, by spending time with nature. Try sitting on the earth and feel the stabilizing support of her energy. Try focusing on an aspect of nature listening to its message for you. Be a leader by not littering and actively recycling on a regular basis. Earth has much to offer us.  Let’s take care of her, spend time with her, and tap into to her wisdom.

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