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        May 2019

Choice - Do You Use It To Benefit You?

We truly have a choice, even when it seems as if we don't. All is choice - whether it is from your conscious, subconscious, or soul. When we realize this, we understand that we are not the victim - for how can we be a victim when all is our choice? This realization is empowering, giving us a conscious tool to use to benefit and help us!

Every choice has awareness within it. If you don't like a choice you’ve made, look beneath the surface for awareness of where that choice led you. This could show you areas that need to be cleared, changed, or perhaps a window into what you need to let go of or take a step towards something.

It is important to make choices while in spiritual alignment. This can best be done through a meditation state harnessing the wisdom of your heart and spiritual self. When our choices are in spiritual alignment, we receive Universal support for our decisions and actions.

However, it’s possible to be confused as to where the direction for our choice comes from. We may hear a voice or get an idea, so we assume we are being guided. My question is: Guided by whom? It is easy to confuse direction from your human ego mind for intuition from Spiritual Self. How do you distinguish the difference?

When you are aligned with your Spiritual Self, you will hear guidance through your intuition. This guidance doesn't occur and then leave; it stays with you. Your human ego mind’s ‘guidance’ is fleeting. You can feel your spiritual guidance, while your human ego mind’s guidance is more in the head/brain - based on old thoughts, beliefs, and fears.

It can be difficult to make choices when you are faced with change, you may even find yourself resisting them. Evolution and change are the natural rhythms of the Universe. Ego-based choices that only hold you in-place, generally are holding you back. It can be uncomfortable to step outside of your routines or way of life, but when a spiritually guided choice leads you to a place of discomfort, there is often something to be learned that will continue to guide you towards new frontiers.

The Ego does not want forward movement - it wants to keep you in the past. Its job is to protect you the only way it knows, by keeping you from moving forward or changing. Please make your choices when inspired by spiritual you! Ego choices are limiting, choices made in spiritual alignment are enhancing.

Once you make a choice, it is important to act on it otherwise you could experience things dragging out or occurring in a less than optimal way. Why? Because the Universe was ready to support you and was moving pieces into place to align with your choice. When you act on your choices in a timely manner, it is easier for the Universe to support you and pave the way towards choice-based goals.

We are called at this time to become all that we are - to become our authentic purpose and full potential. In order to do so, we must change and evolve. With this as your focus, let every choice contribute to you becoming all that you are. Choose what is best for you in each moment. This is always the best action to take, as what is best for you is best for all – we are all one.

Let’s affirm - I am my highest and best choice!

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