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         July 2014

A Summer Day Draws Me In
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Summer has a distinctive voice, separate from other seasons.

I love the lazy, hazy days of summer: The droning of locust.  The singing, twittering of the birds.  The fully leafed trees that screen the hot, summer sun. The buzzing of bees and dragonflies.  The fragrance of honeysuckle vines. 

I decide to bring myself to the essence of this summer day and energetically be one with it.  I settle into an Adirondack chair under an ancient shade tree - relaxed, dozing, smiling, dreaming.

The constant drone of the locust is lulling me into myself.  I hear its voice, “Keep aligned; like we are.  We all buzz together in harmony.  Don’t you see, it is we.”

My focus switches to the birds - lots of twitter, lots of different sounds. Some voices are loud and distinctive, some are soft, some are chirpy, and some sound almost like music.  Some birds talk occasionally, while some do more frequently.  But, all are harmonious together. All are part of the mosaic.  No one bird is trying to dominate over the others.

I think, “Isn’t this how humans should be?”

As I travel deeper into myself, I feel encouraged to go past the surface.  There is more here.  Go deeper.”  I feel layers being removed; the path opening, beckoning me forward.  I strip back more layers.  For some reason I do not feel vulnerable - rather I feel safe, secure, and one with all. 

I feel so good, so energetically wonderful.  I am one with myself, my true self, my soul, and my spirit.  I am one with God. Why do I think my body is me?  How did I become so dependent on my mind?  “This is me, the true me – here inside of me.”

I relax into myself, really relax.  When did I become separated from who I am; my love, my passion, my joy?  How did I lose my way?  “Fear.  Your mind created fears that you had to be another way, so that became your reality.”

I want the true me.  I receive: “Follow the Light”.  I feel God’s loving presence surround me like a safe cocoon.  “The spirit is supreme, not the mind or the body.  The spirit is your passion, your love, your joy.  Live as one with your spiritual self and you will have joy.”

I choose to be the highest idea of myself.  I choose to be my passion. Like the birds, the locust, and all of nature, I choose to be aligned and one with all that is.
Where do I start?  “The first step is where you are right now – be aligned with the Spirit within you.  Come here often and you will find joy – you will be joy.”

So it’s your turn.  The birds and locust ask you – “Want to be in harmony?”

The first step towards joyful living is to go within yourself, and align with your spiritual self.  Spend time inside of you while in meditation. Make this an ongoing practice.

Each of us are made of four parts – spirit, emotion, mind, and body.  When you connect with your spirit, you learn what your spirit desires of you, versus your mind, your fears, your worries, or your emotions might have planned.  Spirit gives you authentic answers, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.

The second step is to retrain your mind and emotions to be supportive and consistent with your spiritual wisdom and truth.  This enables your words and thoughts to help you create a life that is in alignment with your spiritual self.  This is the life that you are supposed to experience - your passion.

The third step is to joyfully embrace and experience what you’ve created while in spiritual alignment – and become the physical embodiment of Joyful Living.

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