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       December 2019

How to Nurture Self

It can be hard to carve out the time to nurture ourselves, even as we understand the importance of doing so. The busier we are, like during the holidays, the harder it can be to make that commitment to our self. During this season we rush, do, prepare, and aim for perfection – all are additions to our normally busy lives. Yes, even during the holiday season, we should be giving ourselves the gift of nurturing.

Nurturing Inspiration

Take a few deep breathes and imagine this scene play out. It is an invitation to remember to embrace you and incorporate self-nurturing more often.

A powerful rain cleansed the earth of all residue. Perfect timing after the potent transformational energies this year.

For three days, it rained and rained. It was a cleansing rain.

The air is clearer now, much clearer than before. It enables an easier way to think, know, and be.

It brings profound clarity of how I truly love myself.

I mean really love myself - above all things and people.

I am my own first and last love.

This clarity sinks in deep. So deep that it is time to relax and allow the love for myself to fully wash over and fill me. Now, it can flow outwards to others. This marks a fuller transformation of my higher self to pure, unconditional love.

Find Your Nurturing Clarity

Your expression of clarity and self-nurturing may look different than this. That’s perfectly okay and part of the process of your creative nature and journey. At the center, it is important to be open to your experience, messages, and energies as they present.

The process may take time to build towards, but these steps will help you find your way.

1. Totally relax with yourself. Soften your body. Quiet your mind. Really allow yourself to relax deep inside of you.

2. Allow yourself to prune what is limiting you. Nothing but greatness is allowed in this exercise. Prune any limitations, especially self-imposed limitations, as they rise into your awareness to transform and release.

3. Nourish what is left. Pay attention to what was neglected in the past, especially your self-esteem, self-worth, self-empowerment, self-love, and self-respect. Nurture your ongoing embodiment of each of these.
4. Create powerful self-affirmations to help all parts of you understand and embrace the nurturing that is needed. Examples: I am great and I am so worthy. I am fabulous just as I am. I now really believe this and know it.

5. Make a commitment to future self-nurturing and honor it. You are divine and SO worthy of it.

Whether you embrace this exercise as a centering practice, for calming during stressful times, or to express the love of really nurturing yourself – I hope that it speaks to you, and you use it as part of your spiritual practice.

As we travel the year ahead, it will be important to take the time to nurture and be kind to yourself. I hope I have refocused you on loving and nurturing you!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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