What is Energy Healing
All living and non-living things are energy. Our thoughts, intentions and beliefs are energy. Energy is a most powerful source that can be used to manifest and live an abundant life. 

Yet we often develop over our lifetime, blockages within our body, that keep us from being all that we can be.
The basic premise behind Alice's energy healing is that when you hold on to a strong negative thought or emotion, it can get buried in your body. The memory of it is held in your cells.  It is held as negtive dark dense energy.  If not cleared/changed, it can over time cause health problems.

Very often experiences from our formative years as children get buried in our cells. These also set up automatic, subconcious ways of being for you that are repeated throughout your life, unless addressed. Ever wonder why you attract the same situations or relationships to you over and over?  This may be the reason. 

Using a variety of energy healing techniques, Alice will work with you to identify your energy blocks, release them from your body, and teach you how to set your intentions to use your energy in a positive way.  How does this work?

A key energy technique that Alice uses is to work with light. Different colors of light have different healing properties. Once the negative emotion is identified and where in the body it is held, Alice will work together with you to change the negative energy with light, and heal the imbalance or disease.  Once this is done, there is fertile energy for the body to heal naturally, and an opening will occur to create a new way of being.

It is also critical to change your automatic way of being to one of conscious choice. Think about it, most of what you think, say and feel each day is automatic and habit, versus intentional. We all automatically react to something we experience with fear or joy or anger. We engage that emotion and then obsess with it for a while -sometimes a few days or weeks. Sound familiar?

Because of her Degree in Psychology, Alice is familiar with the role your subconscious self plays in your automatic ways of being and reacting. – especially your child self and your ego self. As an adult, much of what is the cause, may not be how you currently think or feel. But your subconscious child may still feel that way, or your ego self, may like the old habit automatic way of being. Alice will facilitate the integration of your healing changes with your child and ego, so the automatic way does not linger with you. This entire body of work is done in a light meditative state.

After this work is completed, time is spent creating a new platform of thinking and being for you to operate from - one that is healthier for you.  Energy is one of your most powerful resources to living the life you want. When you live your life in harmony with energy and it's dynamics, all sorts of openings will occur!

Alice facilitates your own self healing. Why? "I want to educate and help you to grow into your own self healing, says Alice. "This approach provides an added benefit. It provides you with an education that cannot be beat! Once you understand your role in causing your situation, it brings you to a point of choice moving forward versus automatically reacting. Sure I would like repeat clients….but my path, my mission is to give you the awareness and education to change how you think and live – to give you the tools to be in control, versus having to go to the Doctor all the time."

In closing Alice's business name is the Healing Path. This is intentional as healing is a journey. It is not a one time fix. (Definition of healing in the dictionary is ‘making one whole’, not fixing what is broken; and whole means mind, body, spirit)

There is a path that can be followed. By taking the time to read this today, you have already stepped on to your healing path. We invite you to take the next step now….

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Ms. McCall attributes the success of her work to the healing presence of God,

Hi -  I want you to know that I work successfully with clients who have cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, gastro reflex, high blood pressure, depression, cronic neck and back pain, anxiety, migraine's, restless legs, bladder infections, heart related issues, bone density, eye pressure imbalance, alchohol and smoking addictions, and more.  I also successfully work with a variety of emotional issues, ridding clients of unwanted life patterns, changing dynamics of repeated unhealthy relationships, feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, difficult divorce and separation issues, and more.  Let me help you to heal and become all that you can be.  Sincerely, Alice

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