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Inspirational Speaker - Available Talks

The following is sample of some of the Alice McCall's available topics.  Contact her to learn more about these and other available topics - including options for customized presentations to fit your event's or location's needs.

Heart & Soul

Be inspired to listen to and follow your heart! We’ve all had them – a tug of intuition, gut feeling, or an ‘ah hah’. However, we readily discount them or are afraid to trust them. Learn why this is the very thing that should be the compass for your life! With a powerful closing meditation that connects each attendee to their heart to gain guidance and personal insights.

Thank you! I needed to be reminded of what I knew in my heart to be true and to live it! I look forward to hearing you again.” S.Y., Shalimar, FL 
 “The Heart is where it's at. Talk about a power source! You can truly walk in Love and Peace and so much more when centered in the Heart."
J.P., Lillian, AL
“You showed me a new way to lead my life. I want to learn to listen to my heart. Thank you!”
C.B., Atlanta, GA

A Message of Hope: Serious Diseases Can Be Healed Naturally
Important information on what really causes health issues and diseases with alternative ways to maintain health and heal. Explore the mind, emotion, and spiritual connection to the body, as well as diet and nutrition, the importance of sleep, and more. This talk was inspired by Alice's own successful healing with breast cancer and her subsequent book 'Wellness Wisdom'. Actual examples from Alice's healing practice are shared.  It is compelling information that will open up a new way to approach health, healing, and living!

 "I really “woke up” today. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowledge and I look forward to working with you one-on-one!" S.C., Santa Rosa Beach, FL 
“Wow, you bought tears to my eyes. You message struck a cord with me. Thank you so much.”
B.N., Mobile, AL 
“You are an excellent, professional speaker. Very motivational!”
R.N., Atlanta, GA
 “I need to have you speak at my woman’s group. They need to hear this information.”
M.T., Shalimar, FL

Forgiveness - A Gift for You!
Discover why forgiveness is not only helpful for other people in your life, but also yourself! Learn how to freely forgive, and tips to help you move forward spiritually.  Upon request, this talk includes an expanded meditation to help attendees acknowledge the individuals in their life that they need to forgive.  After all you have to recognize that forgiveness is needed, before you are able to practice it.

"Your talk and meditation on forgiveness healed me deeply.  You are incredible.” G.T., Milton, FL
“This was extremely healing.  My life came up for review and I dealt with it with forgiveness. I now feel so much lighter and content. Thank you for your guidance.”
S.J., Tallahassee FL
“A very cleansing experience. Thank you.”
R.S., Panama City, FL

The Power of Laughter
Learn the many powers of laughter, while experiencing it! This is a fun, and informative talk to remind us not to take life too seriously.  It includes practical tips on how to bring more humor into your life and how this can help us heal and stay healthy!

 “A great reminder of the many benefits of laughter. I will be laughing much more now.” A.A., Birmingham, AL
“Your talk was informative but also enjoyable. It felt great to laugh along with you while being inspired to hold the energy of laughter within.” 
M.T., Ft Walton Beach, FL
“Thank you for spreading sunshine!”
L.K., Shalimar, FL

The Power of Unconscious Patterns
Are unconscious patterns controlling you and your life? This talk offers insights on what they are, where they come from, and why work at the cellular level is often needed to establish change.  Learn why these patterns are very powerful and why conscious awareness and traditional methods do not always change them.  Be inspired to help yourself and those you love.

"Unbelievable cases that you have healed though work at the unconscious, cellular level. Who would think that a thought formed in the womb could form a self- destructive life pattern, chronic health issues, or disease.  You have helped so many who before had no hope. God bless you.” F.S., Orlando, FL
 “Wonderful presentation. I didn’t realize the scope of your work.”
R.C., Navarre, FL
 “Eye Opening; a higher plane.”
R.S., Atlanta, GA

Anti-Aging 101
Great information on steps we can take now that will have amazing impacts on our health as we age. Best described as a casual discussion about health and wellness, with a focus on tips for maintaining vitality, health, and appearance as you age.  Learn the steps we can take now that will have amazing impacts on our health into the future. Discover alternative holistic practices that will help stop the clock and raise your energy levels. There are small changes we can do everyday to be our best, from simple diet additions to deep breathing exercises, and these small changes pack a big punch.

 “Your talk was excellent, well organized, and practical. I am interested in buying your book." C.H., Pensacola, FL
“Very inspirational and motivational. I admire your personal growth/success.”
J.R., Shalimar, FL
“This was an enlightening and helpful experience. Everything was at a good pace. Thank you very much.”
J.V., Niceville, FL

The Mind Body Connection & the Role of Meditation
Explore the mind, body connection and its impact on your health, how you feel, and your life experiences.  Learn why your mind is your creative force, but also why it is important to still the mind through meditation to minimize stress, support your body’s health, and tap into your own wisdom.  Meditation is both explained and experienced.

“Very informative, relaxing and a great learning experience. You were great to listen to. Made me do some deep thinking.” T.M., Engadine, MI
"Thanks very much for sharing your heart and spirit with us. I am wishing you abundant blessings today and forever.”
A.D., Destin, FL
“Great meditation exercise. Just as you intended, I received great info that was helpful to me in my self growth journey. Thank you.”
A.L., Niceville, FL
 “Your toning meditation was excellent. It puts me in a place that I cannot go by myself. Bless you.”
J.M., Pensacola, FL

The Power of Positive Thoughts
Learn how the thoughts you think, the emotions you hold, and personal perceptions can positively affect your life. Discover how to take back the reigns, and guide your life with the powerful tool of thinking positively. Leave with an understanding of how to make changes that will have long reaching results in your life,
health, relationships, and so much more.  

“Great talk. It makes me look at my “inner issues” differently. I particularly enjoyed the guided meditation.” M.W., Shalimar, FL
“Enjoyed, did not really know what to expect – always looking for ways to heal, and improve unhealthy thought patterns."
K.D., Santa Rosa Beach, FL 
“Thank you – very affirming – helps me to focus thought/experience/love. My “aha” was to form a thought consciously to replace and question of doubt.”
E.R., Shalimar, FL

The Missing Link to Healing & Manifestation
Do you find yourself in the same situation, experiencing the same emotions? Have you struggled with creating abundance? Are chronic health issues a part of your life despite your best efforts to address? The missing link to healing and manifestation is within you. Learn why ridding yourself of deeply held limiting patterns and thoughts can open you up to heal, maintain a healthy life, and manifest what you desire!

“I now know why my manifesting work is not working. Holding positive thoughts does not work when our unconscious limiting thoughts are creating at the same time.” C.J., AL
 “Now I know why chronic health problems do not go away, and that there is a way to address it. Thank you for all that you do!”
M.T., Albany, GA
“The more I think about it the more I realized just how informative and helpful your talk was.  This went way beyond the ‘Secret’. Now it is all falling into place.”
D.C., Crestview, FL
“You opened nerves/doors for me. I did not know – or did not acknowledge – existed. It will be a challenge to get rid of my self doubt. But I am on the path!”
R.S., Knoxville, TN

Conquer Stress & Achieve Peace
We all know that stress isn’t healthy, but what is the best way to manage it? Explore what causes stress, and the changes that we can make to better manage and eliminate it! Discover easy to use tools and exercises that can defeat stress – even as it occurs. There have been numerous studies conducted on the ill effects that stress can have on our lives and health, yet more people are suffering from the side effects of stress. What can you do? Attend this event and enhance your ability to transform stress into peace!

 "The talk last night was both fascinating and practical. I got a lot out of it – MUST IMPLEMENT NOW!" M.W., AL
“I learned that I need to take ownership for my stress response, and you gave many ideas to help me do so. I am grateful".”  
D.F., Washington, D.C.
A fabulous evening – inspiring – great and much learning.”
L.W., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Past Lives Influence Present Wellness
During this mind-expanding talk, Alice will share how the root cause of disease, health, and emotional issues, as well as unwanted life patterns can stem from unresolved past life experiences. This work was a key component of her successful self-healing of breast cancer in 2007. Alice McCall will share actual case studies from her work, with before and after medical records, where the only healing component was transforming past life issues. Learn how your past life wounds can impact your present life, health, and spirituality.

“You could feel the silent energy and attention in the room with the power of your word. You speak the truth that needs to be heard. Keep sharing!” N.B., Gulf Shores, AL
“Dear Ms. McCall, Thank you for your talk. I found it to be the best of today's discussions. The information you offered was truly helpful.”
R.C., Navarre, FL
“Awesome. Such Valuable Information. You need to write a book!” 
I.W., Ft Walton Beach, FL

Put Yourself First!
Learn that while it is important to give to others, we only have so much that we can give.  What happens when we give too much of our selves away and we leave nothing for ourselves?  This talk presents the opportunity for people to understand that it is OK to put yourself first and offers practical suggestions that can be carried into every aspect of life and relationships.  What may be surprising to many people is that when we take the time to work on ourselves we are more energized to help others!

“I attended all the talks at the Expo. Yours was clearly the best. I can use in my life, and the tips were very helpful. I needed to be there.” C.A., Ft Walton Beach, FL
 “Everyone needs to hear this message. Why has it not been discussed before? I thought it was selfish to honor my needs. I learned that by always doing everything for others,
I am hurting not only myself, but them as well. Thanks for the permission to be me!”
S.M., Knoxville, TN
 “Your message was delivered in a true professional fashion. On a personal level - I was floored when you shared your life story concerning “being a doormat” and “financial issues” - I’ve gone though the same. You truly have inspired me.”
B.L., Tampa, FL

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
Feel lost, or can’t find your passion in life? Have you struggled with the idea of following your heart? Are you worried that you will never discover you soul’s purpose? Learn the answers to these, and many more questions! This talk will help you discover your soul’s purpose, breathing new energy into your life.
Open the doors to amazing new experiences and endless joy.

"I finally get what my purpose means. You really brought in the spiritual aspect which hit home with me. Thank you so much." P.L., Trenton, N.J.
"You are so inspiring. It is nice to here from someone who actually lives their life in accordance with what they espouse. You are your soul's purpose." B.H., Albany, N.Y.

To schedule e-mail: alice@healingpath.info

If you have questions - don't hesitate to contact Alice!

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