Healing Path with Alice McCall

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Toning & Healing

CDs are $15 each.  MP3s are available at Google Play.
Contact Alice if you have any questions.

Two guided healing mediations utilizing Alice McCall’s signature toning technique.

The first track, The Beach, is a balancing journey that helps you release negative thoughts and emotions, renewing you with the healing energy of the beach.  Powerful for letting go of stressful situations, detaching from emotional turmoil, and overcoming constant worries.

The second meditation, The Reflective Pool, helps you connect with your heart and soul to discover inspiration that is unique for you, at this moment in your life’s journey.  Source your own higher-guidance to receive a timely message to help guide your life.

Meditation has long been used as a tool to balance the mind, body, spirit connection.  For people that have busy, always thinking minds, meditation is an opportunity to slow down, and listen to your inner voice.  The guided meditations on ‘Toning & Healing’ help you accomplish that and so much more.

Sometimes, even those with the best intentions, find it hard to stop their lives and spend time in meditation.  Alice McCall’s guided meditations helps listeners to effortlessly quiet their mind and achieve a meditative state.

All of McCall’s meditations feature a technique called toning.  Using her voice, she holds and sometimes manipulates a note.  Each sound corresponds with specific energies or chakras.  Toning also helps to run energetic interference with the listener’s active mind and thoughts; allowing them to stay centered and in the moment of the meditation.

CDs are $15 each.  MP3s are available at Google Play.
Contact Alice if you have any questions.

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