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Letter From Sarah

"This message is from a 26 year old client who had widespread cancer and learned through working with me that all she ever wanted was found by truly loving herself. This is an amazing story please read. I honor you Sarah." ~Alice

I was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 26; I had a lump in my right breast. I took the most aggressive route that my oncologist suggested: bilateral mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and a projected 5 years of the estrogen-blocking pill tamoxifin. A year and a half later it showed up again in my right lung. Since then, (I am now 30), I have been on 5 different chemotherapies, including the one I am taking today.

I began doing sessions with Alice in early January '09, but it was not until our 4th session when I knew what was really going on with my body. I had been off of medical treatment for a month, still deciding between a clinical trial and hormone therapy - my disease in the mean time was spreading quite a bit. During Alice and my first three sessions, I was getting more symptomatic, as none of us knew the extent of my disease. However, after a few MRIs, and an emergency CT Scan, we knew. My right lung was riddled with cancer - I couldn't walk 20 paces without panting for breath. My liver was pockmarked with lesions. The cancer in my right hip bone had spread. And, scariest of all, the MRIs found brain tumors in several places in my head and two places on my spine, making my hamstrings so tight that I had to limp.

The brain tumors were found by my third session with Alice and I had begun radiation. the lung and the liver I knew just before our 4th session. I began chemotherapy, on a drug that I had been on twice before, one that was effective for me. Having been on it twice before, I know how quickly to expect results, which is about the standard two months out. On chemo, on this drug is next to nothing when it comes to fighting cancer. The following Monday was my session with Alice.

She went to work on me over the phone. We focused on the lung this time. Alice called in the angels and guides, the colors, she did her toning. In that session we dispersed the tension I had been holding on to since my time in the womb. It was amazing - all the frustration, stuck-ness, the disconnection- we worked through in just 2 hours. I got off the phone with her and noticed something.  A big something.

All of that frustration, stuck-ness, disconnection, yearning - all this stuff that I had gotten so used to that I had grown to believe it was normal was really gone. Instead, I had this beautiful contentment, peace and, joy come over me. Like I was in the exact right place - doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Just being myself in the moment was the best thing in the world.

The following weeks have brought so much clarity to my life. Like the way I used to rush around (in my own company that is); I wasn't honoring myself. Like I was waiting for some future time to enjoy me. I knew all the things that I wanted- all the things I experience now- but it was like I had my face pressed up against a glass. Alice was the one who helped me turn the key, open the door.

And that is an important point: Alice told me in the beginning that I would be learning as she was doing her work - that I would be the one sustaining my health. She was right: sometimes my sense of self-empowerment is so great I'm amazed that my head doesn't spin right off!

After that fourth session, it truly stopped mattering to me whether I was sick or well. I was just so very happy to be. I let go. Something I had been trying to do forever. Alice, and all the angels and guides that were helping me that day, found the way to help me let go.

I want to go on and tell you about all the wonderful little "coincidences" that happen to me now, how darn lucky I am. Or how the Universe seems to make things just work out of me. Or how I have maintained my personality, yet have done a 180 degree flip on the inside. But I know what you are hanging on for is results. Well, I have good news there, too.

It hasn't been far enough out for me to do a MRI or CT Scan yet, however: the Wed after our , Monday Feb 2nd session, I went from panting and taking ridiculously short breaths while lying down to being able to take in a full breath of air. That Friday, my second day of chemo, I could walk up the stairs and not get short of breath, Today, March 1st, I an returning to play the role of Elsa in The Sound of Music (which I had to drop out of due to health, of course). I have two full songs to sing. I will continue taking whatever medicine my oncologist and I decide on as needed. Now I have zero resistance to it, so it can actually have the chance to help me on my inevitable path to being cancer-free.

But back to my results: I have gone from a limping, wheezing cancer victim to a singing, dancing actress in less than a month.

And the thing is, it's all icing. I would be perfectly happy in my state of being that Monday after our 4th session. But the Universe, I now know, can't help but shower you with the things and experiences you love when you feel so affectionate towards, well, everything.

Alice is amazing. And so are you. You've found your way or have been guided here to read this. There are no mistakes. For me, getting as sick as I was may not have been necessary, but it turned out to be the greatest blessing. It gave Alice and I the excuse to take me all the way to everything I really wanted, which was loving myself. You can't get it wrong. Follow your inner voice, best you can hear it, and do what you believe is best for you.


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