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         February 2009

You Are The One!

Yes, you are the one. You are the most important person. You are the one who will make it or break it in this lifetime. You are the one, not John, Susan, Gary, or Paula.

What does ‘you are the one’ mean? It means that your friends, parents, or co-workers are not the most important part of who you are. You are the most important part of you, because it is your life. Our time is precious; it is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Why would you choose to spend nearly all of your time living someone else’s life or focusing on others? How many of us are guilty of exactly this? That is not what your soul wants and deep down is it not what you really want.

You can choose to make your life how ever you want it to be! Yes, that is right. You can imagine great things and they will happen. Or you can hold on to fears and create exactly what you fear. It is your choice.

One of the best choices you can make is to follow your heart. It may sound like a cliché, but when are you the most happy? Isn't it when you are following your heart, your inspiration, your passion, or your soul?

The following is a meditation that I often use to connect with my heart. If you are unable to guide your own meditation, my Heart & Soul CD might be of great use to you.

First – Set the intention that you want to connect with your heart and soul to learn your deepest desire.

Second - Take a deep breath. Go within, center yourself and receive what it is that you most want.

Third – Allow this vision, and the feeling of what it is like to live this vision, to fill you. Let the warmth and joy wash over every part of you.

Fourth – Give yourself permission to become it. Affirm with “I am worthy to have and become my heart’s desire.”

Fifth – Envelop yourself with the feelings that occur when you receive your desire. Feel what it is like for it to be part of your life. Really allow yourself to feel these feelings.

Sixth – Enjoy the result.

Traditionally February represents acknowledging important relationships. Although it is often overlooked, the most important relationship that you can have is your relationship with you. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to begin this month by acknowledging yourself and making yourself a priority.

Choose to connect with who you are. Choose to be your authentic self. Choose to be happy. Choose to be joyful!

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