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        September 2014

Let Yourself Be Guided

Have you ever felt the need to stop what you are doing, even if you are in the middle of completing something important?

Have you ever felt the urge to do something that is outside of your normal routine?

Have you ever felt the need to take a brisk walk or be with nature?

These are examples of your spiritual-self trying to direct you. Why? Maybe it’s to help you connect with someone who needs your help, or maybe it is guided you towards something that will spark your inner inspiration.

When you allow yourself to be guided it welcomes experiences that otherwise wouldn’t have the space and time to become part of you. Being open to being guided allows wonderful things to happen. It could be a personal insight gained from quiet contemplation, the missing piece to solving a problem, or a person that can greatly impact your life – the possibilities are endless!

Don’t fight these waves, urges, and intuitions - adjust and go with them. It can help your business, your health, your relationships, and your life!

When you move into a higher vibrational state, your body is able to clearly receive messages that guide your continuing growth. Listen to your body and honor its immense wisdom for you. Your body could agitate you to the point where you have to stop, listen, and absorb an important message. It could exhaust you until you have to stop and meditate to regain your center. It could bring a part of your body into ill health until you tune in and find out why. Address what your body is communicating and everything will be fine!

Learning to incorporate this way of thinking into our being is process – a continual work in progress.

I was a business executive who planned and tried to control everything. Over the years, I have stripped away old behaviors to allow messages to come through and be received as they need to reach me. It is important to pay attention to even those that seem totally unlikely – trusting these guiding messages usually reaps the greatest gifts.

The universe works to put people and inspiration together perfectly in each moment. Will you answer the call of your guidance to connect with what is waiting for you – waiting just outside your planned routine?

The Universe has a path for you. Allow the path to unfold naturally. Do not block its path. All things are possible. Go with your deeply felt sense. It is always right.

Much love to you.

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