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         September 2012

I Need You & You Need Me

“No man is an island.” There is a reason why this quote has held the test of time; it holds a truth that resonates deep within us.

We are at risk for becoming an island when times are tough, when we are sick, or when we’ve experienced a traumatic event. When we find ourselves in an overwhelming situation, it may seem easier to close the door to support from loved ones.

I applaud taking time for inner exploration and soul searching, but extended periods of isolation aren’t healthy.

What happens when we see those around us becoming an island? Do we reach out when a friend or family member has been out of touch, hasn’t returned phone calls, or turned down invitations? These are signs that they could be depressed or hurting, needing support but unable to ask for it.  Proactively reach out and let them know that you care, it could mean the world to someone during trying times.
We all know people who appear competent, strong, and independent. Do you assume that they do not need help, support, or a listening ear? Everyone experiences periods in their life where they feel like an island. Everyone needs love, support, companionship, and understanding.

Perhaps you present yourself to others with a strong exterior. Know that it is a good thing to let your friends know when you need their support. If you don’t voice your need they may assume that all is well. When you ask for support, your love ones will rush in to help and support. They probably always wanted to support you, but didn’t see your need.

So how do we change an island pattern, if it is in our life?
1. Search yourself as to why you hole up. Are you afraid of what others will think? Are you concerned about being vulnerable? Do you feel it is a weakness to ask? Does it feel safer to be home alone all the time?

2. Use the knowledge from those questions to adjust yourself accordingly. This may include time healing yourself, changing your thinking when these situations appear, or altering how you view yourself.

3. Start small! Call a friend and say that you could really use their perspective on an issue you are dealing with. I am sure they will be glad to listen and help.

4. Let go and allow your higher guidance to aid you through this important transition. Stand tall in the knowledge that it is a strength to know when to ask for help!

Much love and happiness to each of you!

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