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        September 2011

Heart Centered Living

So many live exclusively in their mind and thoughts; limited to their analysis, their assessments, their worries, and their judgments. However, more people are deciding to live by their heart versus their mind, and the payoffs are tremendous.  

What does it mean to live by one’s heart? When making a decision or seeking guidance one should become quiet and center themselves in the energy of their heart, unlocking their inner wisdom for the best advice possible.

Why the heart? Not only is it a cellular mass, a muscle that keeps blood flowing, but it is able to transmit and receive electrical signals. Scientific studies have compared the electrical activity (Cycles Per Second) between the brain and the heart. The results are that the CPS of the brain averages 0-30 CPS, and the CPS of the heart is at 250! Therefore, heart is a much more powerful sender and receiver of energy and information.

In order to receive this heart wisdom and guidance one must be operating from outside their conscious mind. However, the mind is a strong, constant force: What is the last thing that occurs before we drift to sleep and the first thing when we wake in the morning – a thought! How can someone step outside of the constant flow from the conscious mind? Meditation is one of the best practices to help us get out of our busy thoughts and tap into our heart’s wisdom.

The late Paul Pearsall, clinical neuropsychologist, shared his heart awakening in The Heart’s Code. His heart kept telling him something was wrong with him physically, yet the medical diagnostics found that nothing was wrong. His doctors said it was just stress. Pearsall’s brain accepted this, but his heart remained worried.  

As time went on, he said that his heart was crying out that he was dying. He explained that while his brain knew something was wrong, his heart understood the meaning. The debate between his heart and brain continued for months. His brain listened to the doctors; his heart continued to make appeals.

Finally, his primary care physician said, “I give up. I’ll do a CAT scan just to put you at rest… For god’s sake man, you are a scientist. Use your brain, not your pump!” The CAT scan revealed a soccer-sized cancerous tumor.

Pearsall wrote that when one operates primarily from their mind, their heart can only speak to them like a shy small child trying to get a busy mother’s attention by tugging at her clothing. He said he learned from the experience to intentionally focus more on his heart than his head.  Moreover, he shared that his relationship with his heart evolved from that of a child seeking attention, to a source of wisdom much like a trusted parent. He received insights from his heart that guided his healing and recovery, sometimes calling into question what his physicians were recommending. He wrote that listening to his heart saved his life twice – once for demanding the diagnosis and once for guiding his recovery.

Neale Walsh in Conversations with God, writes, “When you spend time trying to figure out what’s best for you, you are doing just that; spending your time. Better to save your time by being out of your mind and into your heart where decisions can be reached quickly, choices activated rapidly, because your soul creates from present experience without review and analysis.”

Kathryn Shaprio in Wisdom’s Choice, writes that the “Heart is the compass for our life.”

Give it a try.  Join the ranks of those living a heart-centered life.  Experience the ease, joy, and confidence of this way of living!

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