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        September 2009

Stage 4 Kidney Failure Reverses to Stage 2 - with One Healing Session!

In November of 2008, Paula Hamilton was told by her doctor that despite taking the prescribed medications for seven years, her kidney disease had progressed to stage 4. She was told this would eventually move to stage 5 kidney disease. Stage 5 requires dialysis, but her doctor didn’t fell her body was strong enough to handle it.

“This was certainly not a life I looked forward to,” says Ms. Hamilton. After working through the initial emotions of fear, she became determined to find a way to heal. To do so, she realized that she needed to investigate alternative approaches.

One month later, she decided to follow the advice from a friend and attend a group meditation guided by a healing practitioner. “During my first guided meditation I received, ‘Work with her, she can help you.’ I acknowledged it, but I was hesitant.” Paula understood that there were no negative side effects associated with spiritual or energy healing, but was unsure. “I had never experienced working with a spiritual, energy healer,” says Paula. “I was afraid to try something new.”

She continued to attend group meditation where she repeatedly received messages that she need to work with the healing practitioner. After a couple of months, she heeded the message to try something new and different. What happened next changed her life and her health.

The healing facilitator used regression therapy to take her to the womb, where she remembered that she was never wanted as a baby by her Mother. These deep wounds were transformed and healed energetically at the cellular level. She also remembered experiences where her Mother was abusive to her throughout her lifetime. According to Paula, “I felt embarrassed, disappointed, and thought I was a failure. I had never felt good about myself.” Her Mom constantly criticized her, and she eventually developed the pattern of being critical of herself.

According to the healing facilitator, Alice McCall, holding onto negative thoughts and emotions have a detrimental impact on your body. She explains, “Anytime you hold onto negative thoughts, emotions, or memories, they can create automatic subconscious patterns that repeat throughout your life. They also are held in the cells of your body as dark, dense, heavy energy. This heavy energy can eventually cause malfunctions in the part of the body were it is stored.”

Apparently, different emotions are usually stored within specific body parts. “Your kidneys are a key place in your body where the energies of embarrassment, disappointment, criticism, failure, and low self worth are held,” says Ms. McCall. “Swallowed or unresolved anger can also be buried here." Ms. Hamilton shares, “Over time I got angry at my Mom’s repeated abuse and lack of love, but I didn’t want to cause more of the same, so I didn’t express it. I thought it was safer to be silent.”

Ms. McCall worked with Paula in a deep regressed state where all of this was discovered and transformed. She used inner child work, light and sound therapy, angel and guide assistance, energy re-formatting, guided imagery, and affirmations to affect change at the cellular and subconscious levels. “Thoughts and emotions are pure energy,” says McCall, “So using other forms of pure energy, like colored light and sound, to transform dense heavy energy into light bright energy is very effective.”

Ms. McCall reports that the majority of the healing work was focused on Paula’s kidneys, but she also worked on her throat and thyroid gland. She explains, “The same emotions and beliefs can become buried in the thyroid and throat, having a negative effect on their health and your self-expression.”

What is especially remarkable is that all of this was covered in one 1.5 hour session. This is even further accentuated by the immediate physical release of backed up fluids that Paula experienced after the session. It is common for people suffering with kidney failure to hold onto toxic fluids, as the kidneys are unable to filter and release them properly. Ms. Hamilton explains, “I noticed that I was releasing a lot more fluid than normal about a day after our session, so I began to monitor it. After about 3 days, I had released well over 5 gallons, and I felt so much better. My hands, feet, and tummy that were always puffy and swollen, looked almost normal!” She also reports an ability to express herself more easily, which she attributes to the session.

Although she looked and felt better, she had to wait for her next scheduled check-up eight weeks later for medical proof. According to Paula, after the tests were done her doctor said, “I cannot explain this, but your stage 4 kidney failure, is now at stage 2.”

The only thing Paula did was a session with spiritual, energy healer Ms. McCall. Her medications, diet, and lifestyle have remained the same, with the exception of engaging in meditation more regularly.

Ms. McCall shares that every person is different regarding how much they are holding onto inside, and how easily or difficult it is for each individual, their body, their ego, and their inner child to let it all go. Although this was an outstanding 1.5 hour session, the average number of sessions to accomplish a turnaround like this is usually 3-4. However, each person’s journey is different so depending on a wide variety of factors it could take less or more time for a complete transformation.

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