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        September 2007

Become Peace Everyday

We are living in a world where fear and anger predominates, motivates and controls most everyone’s thoughts, behaviors, and choices. As this continues, the build up of negativity and violence will become acute. Why? Because over time our fear and anger response becomes more and more automatic (versus conscious). This collective energy has the potential to dominate the planet.

My friends, it is incredibly important for each of us to muster up the courage to be different, to hold a different emotion within us. This action is what will make the difference to the health and well being of our planet, and the people who live here.

“Becoming” is talked about in many ancient texts and traditions, which is best summarized as, “What you want most in your life, you must first become it as your life.” Don’t you love how simple it is!

The energy we hold within ourselves is what we receive within the experience of our life.  Since each of us is connected to all that is, when we hold the energy of compassion, peace, and love, we bring those things to ourselves, but also to the world!

I want to make sure I really explain this concept. We can 'do' all day long… Acts of charity, giving money to good causes, etc. However, the thing that has the biggest energetic impact to our planet’s health and well being is for each of us to hold the energy of peace within ourselves – becoming peace in our life – day after day after day.

The real power comes, when MANY of us become peace.  However, holding the energy of peace daily has to start somewhere, with someone, so let’s focus first within ourselves.  When you choose to become peace, you become a leader and an example to those around you.

Before you take that important step, I want to share some tips. 

First, take the time to heal any trauma that you may be holding on to, whether related to witnessing violence via the television, the newspaper or in person.  If we are holding buried emotions of disbelief, pain, anger, or horror, it is difficult to pray, intend and be peace for the world.  

You heal the trauma by centering yourself with your breath and then: 1.) Blessing the person(s) who have been harmed. 2.) Blessing (not accepting, but acknowledging with a blessing) the person(s) who have inflicted suffering.  3.) Blessing the person(s) who have witnessed it – and this includes you. 4.) Bless yourself.

Gregg Bradden in the ‘Gift of the Blessing,” proposes that you repeat the process over and over until the warm pain in your gut rises upward and out. You may encounter a great sadness or other strong emotion during this process. Take a few moments to honor those feelings.  Then, ask for those emotions to be released and replaced with love, joy, and peace.  

Once done you are ready to hold the energy of peace for our world.

Remember, it doesn’t stop there! The power is in the becoming.  Become peace everyday and your impact will be global in scope!

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