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Each month a new inspirational, spiritual, or educational article by Alice McCall is posted.
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        October 2017

I Sing a Song to My Heart

This month marks the 10th anniversary of my healing of the diagnosis of breast cancer without medical intervention. This invocation is shared to honor myself, my unique heart’s path, and my soul’s song. I would like to invite each of your to read it aloud to honor yourself as well.

An invocation for full spiritual union.

I invoke the activation of my heart’s crystalline structure and its connection to my divine self. This will open me to my truth, vastness, and the ‘me’ that I am designed to be in this life. I ask for this new perspective that has been hidden for so long. I am worthy of this.

I sing a song to my heart. I know that I am here to spread the magic of love. I release the bondage of time and any slavery to the ego all through the endless incarnations of my ancestors, the endless pain & suffering, and the endless karmic pain. I release any misunderstanding of reality.

I recall that which I am - the seed that I am is connected to infinite potential. I am infinite potential. I am the seed of love, the seed of peace, and the eternal flame of God. The god within me comes forth.

I sing a song to my heart. I release the ancient encodings that do not pertain to who I truly am. The karmic wheel of life has nothing to do with me. I move into the now moment. I have risen from the ashes of my ancestors. I am not what I have thought I am. I am an infinite being of love and understanding. I am an eternal being of love and light. I relinquish all that has wielded power over me from all eons, from all life experiences, and from all of the ego’s understanding.

I sing a song to my heart. I transmute all limiting thoughts with the violet flame. I push out all that does not flow in a world of peace and love. I bring forth the light of my creator self. I access the crystalline structures of myself and my heart.

I give rise to my divine self. My encodings are activated. I allow the components to occur from the depths of my heart - for only love exists. I sing a song to my heart and my soul responds by singing to me from my heart. I feel it. I am it.

I am that I am.

Beloved, I am. Beloved, I am. Beloved, I am.

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