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        October 2015

There is Always Hope

There is always hope, even when you can’t feel it.

If feelings of hopelessness overtake your way of being - know you can turn it around. This is true whether hopelessness is part of you occasionally or has become an ongoing part of your life.

All that you experience in life originates from old thoughts or beliefs, which become stuck in your body and the subconscious parts of you. These thoughts and beliefs can operate without your conscious knowledge, but can constantly create hurdles and problematic situations that require your attention.

To untangle yourself from old thoughts and beliefs follow these steps: 1.) Acknowledgment, 2.) Self-forgiveness, 3.) Discovery & Release, and finally 4.) New Creation.

1) Acknowledgement
Slow down and look inside of yourself to acknowledge your role - even your unconscious role - in creating these dilemmas which created a sense of hopelessness. When you acknowledge ‘Yes, I created this,’ it is easier to take steps toward changing it.

If this concept is new to you, it could feel strange and even be difficult to do. Your emotional self may really want to blame someone or something else for your problems. At the end of the day however, stepping up to acknowledge your role in creating all that is underneath hopelessness, will be freeing, affirming, and empowering.

2) Self-Forgiveness
After you acknowledge your role in creating this, forgiving yourself is important to facilitate moving fully forward. It makes letting go of past baggage and being your authentic-self easier.

3) Discovery & Release
Then, spend time with the inside of you - best done while in a meditation state – and ask to become aware of your old beliefs that led to feelings of hopelessness. As you learn what they are, one by one declare how they no longer serve you and are no longer a part of you.

4) New Creation
Lastly, declare out loud - so the Universe and all parts of you can hear - a statement of how you want to be.

For instance, if you discovered an old belief that "I am always wrong, no matter what I do," and your life gives you experience after experience where you are always wrong, it can be very discouraging. It can also lead to a sense of hopelessness, since no matter what you are always wrong and you cannot change it. In this example, your declaration might be something like: "I always know what’s best for me in each moment. I trust my instincts. My intuition and instincts guide me and keep me safe."  This helps create a new, positive pattern and belief to live and operate from.

Everything in our lives, including our health and experiences, start with our thoughts and words. Follow the steps to take out the old buried beliefs and replace them with something new. Move from hopelessness to hope!

If hopeless is a long standing issue, please contact Alice. She helps clients discover and heal deeply embedded beliefs in their cells, unconscious and subconscious. Her transformative process allows you to become a person who operates with hope, confidence, and peace. Contact Alice to learn how she can help you master this topic - or transform other health, emotion, and spiritual issues.  Free consultations for all new clients to learn how Alice's work is directly tailored to address your areas of concern. Don't wait - step onto your Healing Path today!

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