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        October 2014

Breast Cancer Healing – My 7 Year Anniversary
The Sacred Power of Intention & Trust

Seven years ago, on July 9, 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When this occurred, I was filled with intense fear, even with my successful practice of transforming serious health issues and diseases at the cellular level of the body.

I knew in my heart that I wanted to use my transformational practice to heal myself. But, fear had quickly taken residence within me. What if I was not good enough to be the healing facilitator and the client at the same time? What if I came up short?

I knew I had to address these concerns, as fear creates what you fear – and I certainly did not want that. My first priority was to clear the fear. With God's help it was transformed and replaced with a strong knowing and trust. My knowing was that, "I am healed and whole,” and I affirmed this frequently.

Knowing without a doubt, that what you are creating for yourself is true, is extremely powerful. When you allow yourself to fully trust this knowing, it becomes even stronger and more powerful.

It was at that point in my journey that I made the decision to eliminate contact with people who were pumping me with fear. I established a strong intimate connection with my deceased father and grandmother, my angels and guides who help me in my healing practice, and my Creator. I chose not to go back to the medical community after the diagnosis was complete or use traditional protocols.

From the start, I wanted to set an intention for my healing journey. All follows intention and it is a powerful tool. The day after I received my diagnosis, I centered myself in a sacred meditation state and asked my heart and soul to guide me in creating my intention. Immediately this intention popped right out of me without premeditation: "I intend that I will be guided and supported to heal myself successfully, so I can offer hope for others and share what I learn."

Following that intention, a series of important affirmations spilled out of me: "I am healed and whole. I have never believed that I have cancer. It is not a possibility for me. My mind is strong in this area. The thing they called cancer was a fleeting gift to allow me to uplift my attitude and lifestyle. It came from nothing and will return to nothing. I am healed, with a whole and healthy left breast. I am healed and whole healthy body. It is just how it is. I love myself. I enjoy my journey."

Because your body and all parts of you take commands from your thoughts and words, this was a powerful way to start my self-healing journey.

My intention and affirmations provided me with a strong foundation for the self-healing that followed. Although I worked on many areas, the most important aspect was healing the emotional/mental wounds in the cells of my body that manifested into the diagnosis of breast cancer. It was an amazing journey, and I was supported every step of the way by my angels, guides, and God.

Intention and affirmations are powerful tools. Especially when they are spiritually connected with your heart and soul.

In terms of my intention, it all manifested. I was guided and supported to successfully heal myself. I easily and joyfully wrote a book 'Wellness Wisdom' and companion CD to offer hope and share what I learned. My talk show interviews, public speaking engagements, inspirational articles and websites offer education, inspiration and hope for many. Wow, who would think that a brief intention would manifest exactly as worded?

As for my affirmations, they all manifested. I do look at my diagnosis of cancer and my healing journey as gifts. It was the catalyst for me to look inside of myself and to clear the internal wounds that were hidden. I felt lighter, brighter and stronger as a result. I also can't quite remember what fear feels like. That is also a huge gift!

The tools of sacred intention and trust are powerful and can be beneficial during all of life’s tribulations. I wrote this article because these tools have an application beyond healing cancer. They are valuable to manifesting an easier life, stop feeling stuck, finding deep peace, or finding a great place to live that is perfect for you.

I hope my example of the power of sacred intention and trust during my healing journey, will inspire you to incorporate intention and trust in your life.

I chose to post this message on my site this month as I wanted to honor myself, my journey, and those who have experienced this serious disease - as October is breast cancer month.

Many blessings to all of you.
Love - Alice

For more information on Alice’s healing journey visit www.WellnessWisdomHealing.com and also read her popular book, Wellness Wisdom, available on this site, as well as Amazon.

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