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Each month a new inspirational, spiritual, or educational article by Alice McCall is posted.
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        October 2013

Multidimensional Living

The goal spiritually is always to move to a higher state of consciousness - both individually and collectively - while living on planet earth. Over the past few years, great strides in that direction have been made by the Earth herself, as well as by us as individuals. We are definitely on the path to multidimensional living.

As we continue to move into our higher vibration, our higher level of consciousness, adjustments need to be made. The adjusts must occur within ourselves, our bodies, and we should do all we can to accommodate the changes. As we start to experiences changes, we might initially feel like something is wrong.

Have you been asking yourself these questions lately?
Why do I need to rest everyday when I never used to?
Why do I feel spacey?
Why do I feel like everything is in slow motion - like I am moving through molasses?
Why does it feel like a month has gone by, and it has only been 1 week?
Why does it seem to take longer to do things? Why do I daydream more?
Why am I eating differently? Why is my desire to hustle and multitask something of the past?
Why do certain aches, pain, health issues appear, and then leave soon after?
Why when I go to the doctor about them, do they find nothing wrong?
Why do I consume a lot of liquids?
Why are my sleep patterns different?
Why do I think of someone from the past and that very day they call me?
Why is my digestive track rumbling a lot?
Why does it seem like I am not really here a lot?

The good news is that most likely nothing is wrong. Your entire being - mind, body, emotion, and spirit - is adjusting to holding onto and living within a higher vibrational energy. The best way to deal with all of this is to just embrace it and say, "It's okay. This is just how I am right now. There is nothing wrong.” When you do this, you open yourself up to fuller integration.

One of the more challenging adjustments is the process of slowly adapting so that we can soon live without the space-time-continuum. The earth is the only planet in the entire galaxy and larger universe that operates in space-time-continuum. I find moving into daily living without it to be interesting and challenging. If we are to live in the moment and be in the flow, how does business and chores and errands and appointments get done? Although I do not have this one "fully experienced", I find it helpful to do things when the moment brings the feeling that I want to do them, not just because I feel I must do them. I wait to be inspired to do them, versus planning them, scheduling them, and making myself do them. Of course this isn’t always possible, but if you are fortunate enough to be able to set your own schedule leave lots of open time. Then use that time to do what is necessary as it seems natural, versus forcing yourself to do them in a pre-arranged schedule.

Writing this article is part of my work. In the past I’ve wanted to write more, yet every time I thought about it, I didn't really want to do it. I decided to honor this, and did not force it. This morning after walking the dog, I was sitting on my patio and I suddenly felt inspired to write. I really wanted to write. So I wrote, and it all poured out easily and joyfully.

In the new vibration, it will all will get done, maybe in a different timing or way, but it will happen.

If you are like a lot of people, you may be concerned about things changing for you - sleep patterns, eating patterns, motivation levels, etc. If this is an ongoing pattern for you then some inner work is probably called for. However, if it is something more recent, and is not familiar to you… I am here to say ‘don't be concerned’. Embrace the changes as they create a new way of being for you! Soon you will be moving in and out of many new dimensions, which would not be possible if you did not allow yourself to adjust and change!

I hope this has been helpful to you. I intend for you much acceptance, serenity, and joy.

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