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        October 2012

Being Trust

It is a challenge of life to truly trust in God and the Universe. When we really, truly trust for the first time and it all turns out okay, we feel wonderful. Wow! We realize that life could have been so much easier if we had only trusted before.  At this moment, we feel that we have arrived.

Yes, it is a wonderful achievement to experience and a great relief. However, surrender and trust is a way of being that should never be about reaching a destination. If it is, then we are not truly being trust.

Trusting in God is not the same as being trust. Being trust is demonstrating, by how we live, speak, act, and think, that we are God’s trust every day. Nothing gets to us. It is the knowing that no matter what happens, it will all turn out okay; maybe not as we wanted but okay or maybe even better.

Being trust each and every day is a high spiritual achievement. It is also a wonderful, stress-free way of living. Why not move into becoming and being trust? The old way of worry, fear, and needing to control has not worked.  Even worse, that old way can lead to illness and emotional imbalances. So, what do you have to lose?

Know that this way of being is a journey. Each day something very little or maybe larger could present itself for you to demonstrate your ability to be in trust. It is important to accept trust as a new way of being, and practice it throughout each day for everything. With time, it will become a more and more natural way of living.

When something happens that you did not expect or appears to be negative, instead of worrying or being frustrated, ask, “Why did this happen? Why is this showing up for me this way? What does it represent? Is there a gift inside for me?” Through your inner exploration, perspectives will show up to answer these questions, allowing you to stay in trust.

When we are truly in trust, we never doubt. Instead, we are patient. We live each day in the present. We know that we are always guided, safe, and cared for. We know that our intention is manifesting that which we want or something even better. There is never a time when we should revert to our old behaviors and thoughts. That takes us out of being and practicing trust, to using trust as a destination or deadline for a particular desire.

So what does all of this mean? Proactively it means taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, and your actions. Use your personal power to stay in a place of knowing that what you intend is so, even if the timeframes are not what you thought.  Reactively it means not stepping out of trust when life brings situations and experiences in to your path that are unexpected. Use your inner reflection to help understand their possible purpose and step back into trust.

Being trust means not doing everything, figuring everything out, or worrying.  It means being able to walk through life with peace, balance, confidence, assurance, and love; that is something that all of us are looking for!

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