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          October 2010

Drawn to the Silence

I don’t quite remember when I changed.

I used to love to have music on all the time – in the house, in the yard, and in the car. I loved all kinds of music. I would select music to match my mood or to support what I was doing.

I realized recently that it has been a many years since I spent each day surrounded by music. I have not stopped loving it – its beauty – its perfection. I still love to listen to a live performance and purchase my favorite CDs, but now I prefer to be surrounded by silence.

Silence allows me to hear the perfection of the breeze and the rustle of the leaves. It allows me to hear the chirping of baby birds in the spring. There is comfort and harmony within pure silence.

I go there now - to the silence of nature - no cars, no horns, and no voices. As I allow pure silence into my being, the silence is augmented by the sound of water gently flowing in a mountain stream – soft, gentle, and continuous movement.

It gently guides me into myself.

I hear God’s voice much clearer when there is silence.
I trust my own knowing much easier when there is silence.
I pick up on messages from my environment and others when there is silence.
I connect with friends, family, and others more profoundly when there is silence.
I am content and at peace in silence.
I feel God’s voice in my heart: “Silence means creating time with no distractions. This is very important for your relationship with others, with yourself, and with God.”

As I settle into this piece of wisdom, I acknowledge that I really enjoy the company of friends and family without distractions; where we are the sole focus of each others’ attention.  I always feel much closer to each person as a result of these interactions.

I also realize that I prefer the silence of my own company. I like myself and the things that I do when I am alone. Being alone is not the same as being lonely, and being in silence does not mean that something is boring.

As for my relationship with God, one thing is very clear….

I am drawn to the silence and God is there.
I am drawn to the silence and I am there.
I am drawn to the silence and ‘we are one’.

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