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         October 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am forever grateful to have healed myself naturally of breast cancer in 2007, but I am even more grateful to be a instrument in the healing of others. This past year has yielded many success stories from those with habitual patterns, emotional issues, and health issues. However, I feel especially blessed to be able to continue to help those with serious diseases. This year includes: Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumor, Lung Cancer, and 5 clients with Breast Cancer. Below is a recent testimonial from a client diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When I received a diagnosis of early stage DCIS last fall, I decided to take a holistic approach to healing. I sorted through a wealth of information on diet, supplements and alternative therapies to best educate myself on my road to healing. And throughout my research, I became aware that my illness had an emotional/spiritual component in addition to its physical one. Although acupuncture, reiki and meditation (all of which I continue to use) played a role in my healing, I am certain that Alice’s gift in energy healing is paramount to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

“God placed Alice on my path when I called to schedule a thermogram to gauge the health of my breasts as follow-up to the holistic protocol I’d adopted. When she learned my location, the Tallahassee-based thermography practitioner told me of Alice and her success in treating her own breast cancer diagnosis, and of restoring health to many others with a variety of illnesses and issues. Although energy healing was a new concept to me, I decided to give it a try with an open mind. Thank God I did! After my first session with Alice, I felt liberated, as if years of baggage had been lifted from me. But even more important, I felt healed. Our second session achieved further progress, and my thermogram a short while later indicated two beautiful healthy breasts.

“I am indebted to Alice for sharing her gift of healing with me. She is the first to say that she is not the healer, but rather the conduit for the divine healing energy to enter and do the work. Whatever she does, it works. I firmly believe that anyone with an open heart and an open mind will benefit enormously from Alice’s powerful gift. I plan to continue my work with Alice to clear my body and spirit of negative energy and to awaken to my full potential.”
Elisa Smith, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Both Elisa and I feel it is important, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to offer hope to those who have disease and to those who want to prevent diseases. If someone is willing to work with the organic process of natural healing, it is very possible and doable to heal naturally.

The day after my diagnosis I set the intention that ‘I would be guided to successfully heal myself so that I could offer hope to others and share what I learned.’

My new book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ is a manifestation of that intention. It is a reference book that gives you the ‘how to’s’ of natural health and healing including the spiritual aspects of healing, diet and nutrition, many holistic heath practices, and little known information that can have a big impact your health. Elisa and I, as well as other clients, have successfully used the natural healing guidelines outlined in this book. Others have used it to augment traditional approaches, to ensure complete healing.

Continue the message of hope. Please share with your family and friends. Or attend one of my free talks in support of breast cancer awareness month. I am being guided to get this message out there. Thanks for your help. I love and honor each of you. You are special and unique.

You are perfect!

Read last year's "Message of Hope" to learn more about my journey with breast cancer and ways that you can prevent the disease.

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