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        November 2017

The Importance of Being Awake & Alive in the Moment

The concept of being in the moment is something that I’ve written about before. It is a concept that is a part of many teachings and has even found its way into mainstream circles as part of a ‘mindfulness’ practice. Everyone (whether intentional or not) has experienced ‘being in the moment’ to some degree. Those who intentionally seek this way of being understand that it feels great! When we are in the moment we feel connected, aligned, supported, flowing, and blissful.

I don’t want to underestimate the experience of being in the moment when it occasionally or intentionally occurs, as it is an accomplishment that signifies growth in one’s spiritual journey. However, when the moment is over, what happens? Many return to their habits ways - trying to force movement, letting worries take over, and filling their mind with endless negative chatter.

There is a point where each of us decides to make living in the moment a full-time way of being. Why? Because magic happens when we transform ourselves to be able to have this experience, or way of being, throughout the day.

If we are honest with ourselves, a great portion of each day is lived on automatic pilot or by operating from habit ways of being and doing things. Some examples are:

    • You wake up in the morning and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, then drink it while you go through a series of tasks that make up your morning routine.
     • You constantly check your phone for messages or calls. In fact, you do this constantly no matter who you are with or what you are doing.
     • You walk your pet while talking on the phone the entire time.
     • You get on the computer every evening from 7-10pm.
     • Your mind swirls with worries and doubts through most of the day.

Let’s stop here: You are probably doing these things, or others like them, automatically or with limited presence of what is going on in the moment - as you have probably done things like this a thousand times before.

Why is the important? Operating this way numbs you from being present to the moment and all that it can bring to you. You are not alert, aware, or participating with your senses and all parts of your being. If you were, maybe your inner voice/knowing might inspire you to do something differently or prevent you from missing something important! Maybe you would add a different breakfast, notice that the sunnrise was awesome, really listen to what someone is saying to you because you put your phone down, or any number of possibilities.

These are small examples of automatic habits – but what about big examples? Subconscious and unconscious habits like living in fear or breaking abuse cycles can certainly keep us stuck in automatic living.

Whether your habits feel big or small, they keep you numb and from being able to live in the moment. A common theme with my clients is struggling with patterns of choosing fear and pain over peace and joy. Although this seems odd, their habit self is afraid to leave pain and fear behind, as it is all they know. The known, even when it is unhealthy, is chosen as it seems safer than the unknown.

We all are all made up of four parts:
- Conscious Self – the part of you that you are most aware of
- Subconscious Self – your emotional self
- Unconscious Self – your body’s consciousness, which operates 24X7 as the operating system of you/your body
- Superconscious Self – your spiritual self – that who you really are

Habit ways can take on many forms, from relatively harmless to affecting your physical health. Habits can be physical (e.g. sitting down at the same time each day to watch TV), emotional (e.g. constant worries), or mental (e.g. deeply held beliefs).

Each time we change one of our habits, we enhance our well-being and health. Each time we change one of our habits, we pull ourselves up and find greater peace. Each time we change one of our habits, we are able to be more fully in the moment with trust and joy.

There are even other benefits to being totally present in each moment! It is from this way of being that you are able to more easily receive inspiration, discern fully, act on your present intuition, and send a stranger who needs it - a loving smile. It is from here that you can live outside of your ego/mental constructs and gradually move into higher consciousness living.

I hope that you try adjusting some of your patterns or perhaps doing them entirely differently. It is amazing what little changes can do for your perspective and attitude. Becoming fully awake to the living presence of you and what surrounds you in each moment is a joyful way to be!

I want to suggest the idea of moving into to something new gradually. It allows you to get comfortable with whatever is new or different. And, If you ever need support to be able to enjoy the living presence of you and what surrounds you, moment by moment - please reach out.

Post Script: In this month of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my spiritual journey and to be able to share with you. I hope these monthly postings are helpful for you and your life.

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