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        November 2015

Living as One with Your Environment

A heavenly breeze on any given day is authentic, real, and refreshing.
Think about it, what would we do without air movement?
We would feel stagnant, stuck.
We would not feel in the flow - the flow of life.

The earth mirrors for us. Have you ever noticed when air movement stops on earth, that it is representative of what is going on inside of you? That you feel constrained, a little stuck, blocked, or not free flowing.

This is just one example of how earth offers to us clues on what we need to address inwardly. We are all one - the earth, nature, plants, air, water, and people. We have much to offer all of these elements, while they continually offer a mirror for us.

I feel strongly that if each of us looks through our daily life with this lens, we will understand, learn, heal, and grow at a more rapid rate.

If a bird keeps tapping on your window, it may have a message for you. If a turtle crosses the road while you are driving, making you have to stop and take notice, it may have a message or support for you. The tree in your yard may have a lot of wisdom to share with you. The breeze that supports your flow and also cleanses you, may hold a special message for you. The earth continually grounds and supports you on your journey.

Ask yourself, “Are you living fully connected with the world - all aspects of it?”  You can choose to live as one with all that is – and it will propel you forward on your path to wholeness.

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