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        November 2014

As We Become More Fully Beings of Light…

The metamorphosis from ‘human ego being’ to ‘spiritual being living in a human body’ is evolutionary. It does not happen overnight, although at some point it becomes hard to remember what we used to be like way back when.

What changes can you expect as you harness the ability to live each day in your physical body while being filled with increasing amounts of high vibrating light?

Positive aspects such as living with less fear, maintaining a calm peaceful center, living each day with more vibrant health and well being, along with realizing our innate gifts such us spiritual intuition and knowing – are all part of the evolution.

Once you have traveled this evolutionary journey year by year, there is absolutely no desire to return to old habit ways of being and thinking. Those old ways almost feel unimportant, uninteresting, and at times shallow.

Rising up to become who we really are - a Divine spiritual being - is an enormous and profound achievement. Often we will want to share our story, to help others and make a difference. In this process, however, it is important to exercise caution and to understand that many may not want to embrace who you are now.

When you become filled with light, versus your old density, two things can happen: Some will be attracted to your light and want to learn what you changed. However, many will be jealous of your light, and will interact with you in negative ways. Some will even try to undermine you, even when they don’t really know you. This is not conscious - it is unconscious. Their energy is feeling your energy, and they are upset that they don’t have what you have. This stimulates them to interact in negative ways.

It is more important than ever to discern the energy of other people and situations. Is the energy enhancing or depleting/angry? Is someone relaxed and joyful in your presence, or angry and disruptive?

The world is made of the yin and the yang - the light and the dark. The darkness may not like it when you take up residence (so to speak) in its neighborhood.

The purpose of this discussion is awareness. Make sure you put protection around you when you start your day – the great white or violet light is useful. Cleanse with a shower, or sage after you have been out in public places. Know that some people will be negative towards you for no obvious reason. When it happens, let it go. And sometimes, you may have to use your own powerful energy to counter it.

Beings of Light are currently walking an interesting path. We are vibrating and existing in a higher dimension, yet we are still physically residing on a planet where so many are vibrating at a low level, where our planet still is filled with much negative density.

You are the gift of expansion to the rest, by bringing in the light more and more and more. Know that there may often be resistance. Establish a network of like-minded people to support and share with - either locally or via online means.

You are the gift. You are what you and others have been waiting for. Enjoy your daily creations, but do not forget the basics of discernment, energy protection, and your own powerful Divine energy.

You are Divine.
Thank you for being you.

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