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         November 2013

The Root Issue: The Ability to Survive in a Changing World

Many worry and are fearful about their ability to take care of themselves.  It is important to leave this mindset behind, because it creates the opposite of what you desire. This is the time of possibilities. Lets become possibility thinkers.

In reality, no one needs to go without – the Planet can meet the needs of all who live on her.  That is her contract with you, her human children.

Unfortunately, many demand more than their needs, defining themselves by what they consume and own. This makes it difficult for the Earth Mother to honor her contract with all her children.

Do you define success and failure by the amount of your abundance?

Please, do not feel like failures if you see your ‘abundance’ lessening. Lessening does not mean fully going away! Instead, celebrate that you have found the spiritual path to learn compassion that will help achieve balance within yourself and your life – as well as on the planet. Do we really need all we think we need?

Most of all, do not judge yourself spiritually. Do not feel that your angels and guides have abandoned you.  If your path is to live with less, it is evidence of your spiritual growth and your willingness to be part of the solution instead of the problem.  The added benefit to you is less stress.  It takes a lot of work to maintain excess, and it is less work to exist with less!

You are not alone on this path. You will survive and even flourish.  You are Light-Workers and your needs will be met, often in miraculous and unexpected ways. Let go of old paradigms related to abundance, trust, and know that this is so – this is the place you want to live.

The essence of Heart-Centered living is sharing. It isn’t how much money or material goods you have, but sharing who and what you are. This means giving of yourself, of your time, and of your kindness.

Right now, in the new higher dimensional energy, we are guided to give without expectations. It is our nature to give with love and compassion.  This can include sharing money and material goods, but it doesn’t have to be defined only in that way. Primarily, it is sharing yourself and your gifts, without expectation of reward, fame, or wealth.  You do this when you feel called upon, because you ‘are’ and need to express who you are through sharing.

The world of sharing only in order to receive is over. This begs the question: “If I am to expect nothing in return, how will I survive?”  The old abundance principles say, “What you put out there, you get back.” What happens now? This is where trust, acceptance, and surrendering to a higher plan become important.

We are all being taught to trust that we will be cared for.  This is creating an opportunity for you to jump on a higher rung of your spiritual growth ladder.  At this new place on your ladder, comes the understanding that you have a Divine Right to exist and to be cared for.  Your material needs are known and will be met, but you must walk in trust and not fall into fear.  If you start to imagine fear scenarios involving lack and scarcity, then you could create those in your life, instead of what you want!

“I have a Divine right to exist and be cared for.” What an invocation for all of life to support you! Don’t sweat the details. Rise up and enjoy the moment that you are in. All will be taken care of, perhaps differently than you imagined, but all will be taken care of. It is so!

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